Georgina Contel. La Industrial Art School. Selected Graduate 2016

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Published: 08.06.2016
Georgina Contel. Pendant: Antonia, 2015. Porcelain, silver, ruby, bronze.. Georgina Contel
Pendant: Antonia, 2015
Porcelain, silver, ruby, bronze.
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Georgina Contel has created in her final project an intimate and very personal atmosphere, she talks about her family, but the affections is so human that is very easy to connect with her pieces and with the images. In this work she has shown a special sensitivity creating an interesting dialogue between materials, each material represents one of the women of her family, their personality and their environment, their home. Georgina also wanted to have absolute control of all processes and techniques developed in the project, she was almost obsessed to do by hand everything that was within reach, casting pieces, porcelain, metal, ... her hands has gone through all of them to pay tribute to the women in her life. / Sònia Serrano. Escola d’Art La Industrial