Get the best value from the Klimt02 School membership

Published: 12.05.2020
Get the best value from the Klimt02 School membership.
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As you know, Klimt02 offer different types of memberships. We would like to share some ideas on how to maximize the benefits of a Klimt02 membership. Let's start with our school members - here are some easy steps to increase your school's international visibility & promotion.
When we started back in 2004 our vision was a global network with boundless information about art jewellery. Today our members represent all facets of the jewellery field - from individual jewellers to galleries, museums, awards and institutions. We are proud that 45 prominent schools from 15 countries have joined the klimt02 community.

Our school members are important as they presents a broad variety of opportunities for new artists that are going into the field, as well as keeping the community up to date on the developments of emerging artists. On the school pages you can also find artist in resident opportunities as well as open calls for jobs in educational positions.

By joining the Klimt02 community the school gets promotion & international visibility. We would like to share some small pointers on how schools can maximize their benefits from the Klimt02 membership.

The basics
For any member of Klimt02 – regardless if you are a jeweller or represent a larger institution such as a school - the basics are crucial. Take a moment to check that the basic info on your profile page is correct and up to date. If anything needs adjustment, just send us an email and we will take care of updates. Make sure that we have the correct application deadlines for all the courses and that the specialties of your school are clearly presented.

Stay in touch!
The best way to show what is happening at your school and promote the institution as well as your student is to share developments. Send us an email with your latest news – we want to know about your activities – did a student receive an award? Did the school finish a course with an internationally acclaimed quest tutor? Will the school offer any short courses that international artists can apply to? All news updates can be published and announced online in order to promote and share information about the developments of your school - this is a service included in the membership.

Klimt02 member schools can offer their student the opportunity to undertake internships with Klimt02. We offer different positions depending on the candidate's skills and interest in the jewellery field. Find out more.

Keep it Fresh
Remember to publish the school’s annual graduation show on Klimt02. This is a popular post that always gets a lot of visits on the website.

Dig through the archives
As a member, all students of the school can access the archived information on our server from 2004 up to this day. This is a great source of information about the history of art jewellery and to see the development of the masters in the field. Use the advanced search function and log in with the school’s password.

Graduates Series
Klimt02 is publishing the graduation work of one selected student from each member school in the Klimt02 Forum.

One of the featured new graduates participating in this series will be awarded with a one year free jeweller’s membership and profile page in the Klimt02 jewellers section as well as an exhibition of the graduation works at Hannah Gallery.

If you work for a school, museum or institution that is not yet member and want to join the community we would be happy to hear from you. Send us an email:

The klimt02 team