A Glimpse of JOYA 2017 Showroom

Published: 14.11.2017
Yuxi Sun Yuxi Sun
Yuxi Sun
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Wanshu Li, the winner of JOYA 2017, her booth in the showroom..
Wanshu Li, the winner of JOYA 2017, her booth in the showroom.

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A brief review of JOYA 2017 showroom from a personal eye.

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It is the first time I visited Joya Barcelona, more than 50 booths gathered in the showroom at Arts Santa Mònica. It’s literally a visual feast for my two days visiting that I needed some days to digest it. Each featuring artist was carefully selected by the jury team. The exhibition showed the latest trend in the contemporary jewellery field in a small scope.
I was amazed by the diversity of the pieces and I appreciate all artists who presented there.
Here I would like to highlight some artists’ works that were attractive to me.

 JOYA 2017 showroom.

Wanshu Li
Wanshu is the winner of Joya 2017. She finished her master degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art in 2016, and she is currently doing her artist in residence at Edinburgh College of Art.

Although this was the second time I saw Wanshu’s work personally, they still seduced me as if it was the first time. The colour of her creation is vivid and gentle. Several torches she placed on the table welcome people to play with her pieces. Her creation turns up the differently fascinating results with or without the torch. The pieces are inspired by ocean creatures, like coral and jellyfish. Wanshu emphasizes on the visual, aural and tactile experience of her work, so she experimented and processed her pieces with the series of light and flexible material such as acrylic, beads, nylon and resin. The result is a surprise, she finds her language code of fun and playful. When we put the pieces on, they “talk”, each piece has the variety of sounds between the different beads and acrylic; they “dance”, beads are moving while the body is moving; they “shine”, the colorful beads and the ends of acrylic tube (she finishes the end with fire), so they are even more surprising under the UV light.

Display table in JOYA 2017. Photo by Wanshu Li.

 Wanshu Li, ring, from the series: Go with the Glow, 2016.
Material: acrylic, sterling silver, sequins, glass beads, nylon wire. Size: 4.3 x 4.3 x 5.5 cm.
Photo by Wanshu Li.

Wanshu Li, brooch, from the series Go with the Glow, 2017.
Material: acrylic, sterling silver, sequins, glass beads, nylon wire. Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 4 cm.
Photo by Wanshu Li.

Wanshu Li, pendant, from the series Go with the Glow, 2016.
Material: acrylic, fluorescent plastic, fluorescent painting, sequins, glass beads, nylon wire. Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm.
 Photo by Shannon Tofts.

Marian Ripoll

Marian Ripoll's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom.

As an architect, Marian’s has her eyesight and interpretation of space. Her objects are an ongoing exploration of space through the movement of lines and the play of light. I was so fascinated how playful it was by seeing the pieces in real. The magic of Marian’s piece isn’t that easy to tell by observing the lines or the curves, you need light, more space around the piece and wait to see.
One of the buyers told Marian, they would get a big frame for the piece, pin the piece in the middle of the frame and face it to the sun so that the shadow between the lines fill the space and complete the whole piece. Besides, the full image would also change from the morning to the afternoon, which reminds me how we read the time at the ancient time. The more interesting part is the pieces are possible to be combined and then they create bigger or more complex shadow in space.

Display table in JOYA 2017.

Marian Ripoll, brooch: Brooch OP, 2016.
Material: silver, stainless steel. Size: 7 x 5 x 3 cm.
Photo by: Emma Todd.

Marian Ripoll, brooch: Brooch C, from series: Balla, 2016.
Material: silver, stainless steel. Size: 5 x 5 x 3 cm.
Photo by: Emma Todd.

Marian Ripoll, pendant: Various, from series: Balla, 2016
Material: silver, nylon thread.
Photo by: Emma Todd

Asami Watanabe

Asami Watanabe 's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom. Photo by JOYA Barcelona.

Asami is the Author Award 2016 winner, she brought her collection again to Joya 2017. Asami told me that she was an exchange student at Alchimia contemporary jewellery school in 2010, the 3 months experience there brought her loads of inspiration and helped her a lot in her development.  
Her pieces are clear and straightforward, emotion is born from inside to outside, the blooming flowers which Asami made are the witness of our self-expression. The most amazing part of her collection is the material use, those painting like pieces are actually made out of straw, all the colourful patterns on the white background are the variety of straws pressed on the white straws. Asami holds some straws in both hands and told me:
“These are the straws I bought in Japan and these I bought here, I make the flowers out of them.”
“Soon or later, your flowers will also have the nationality then.” She laughed.

Display table in JOYA 2017. Photo by Asami Watanable.

Asami Watanabe, brooch: Bloom, 2017.
Material: straw, silver950, stainless. Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 1.0 cm.
Photo by Asami Watanabe.

Asami Watanabe, necklace: Bloom, 2016.
Material: straw, silver925, lapis lazuli, vinyl, thread. Size: pendant 7 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm, length 52 cm.
Photo by Asami Watanabe.

Yasuyo Hida

Yasuyo Hida 's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom.

You can’t easily tell what they made out of. When I pick up one and look close by, they are super light. The layers of colourful patterns like an abstract painting turn into a 3D object.
Those delicate patterns on layers were knife cut little by little, during the making process, Yasuyo allows the unexpected “mistake” to develop, she tries to create her idea of aesthetics through those balloon jewellery.

Display table in JOYA 2017.

Yasuyo Hida, brooch: Core16’01, close up photography, from the series: Core, 2016.
Material: rubber balloon, paper sand, silver950, stainless steel. Size: 8 x 7 x 4.3 cm.
Photo by Shinichi Ichikawa.

Yasuyo Hida, brooch: Core16’02, from the series: Core, 2016.
Material: rubber balloon, branch, stainless steel. Size: 6.3 x 5.8 x 3.3 cm.
Photo by Shinichi Ichikawa.

Miki Asai

Miki Asai 's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom.

Miki is the Winner of 2017 Author Award, she finishes her bachelor study at Glasgow School of Art Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2017.
The concept and aesthetics of her collection are based on traditional Japanese aesthetics: Wabi-sabi - finds beauty in impermanence, imperfection, transience, and ephemerality. Her pieces are connected by components or one solid form, the main role of each piece is the combination of super tiny seashells or eggshells fragments and Japanese lacquer, the surface is mottled, shining and gentle, they are inspired by phenomena such as reflections in puddles, haze and so on. The artist creates jewellery that captures and preserves momentary beauty to own the fragments of a fleeting world, life, and everything.

Display table in JOYA 2017.

Miki Asai, brooch: Frost, from the series: Fragments, 2017.
Material: paper, Japanese lacquer (Urushi), eggshell, silver, steel wire. Size: 7.5 x 3.5 x 3 cm.

Photo by Miki Asai.

Miki Asai, brooch: Colour of wind, from the series: Fragments, 2017.
Material: paper, Japanese lacquer(Urushi), veneered seashell, silver, steel wire. Size: 6 x 5.5 x 4.5  cm.
Photo by Miki Asai.

Weng Ian Lai​

 WengIan Lai 's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom.

Lan Weng, the winner of 2017 Alchimia Award, she finishes her bachelor at  Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in 2017.
The main material for her brooches is the potatoes skins as she aims to reach the natural sense of human facial expression. Her concept is beautiful and lovable, the result of her achievement has a sense of humour: To bring up a harmonious world and remind people that no matter how different we are, we all come from nature, we all are unique. We might not have the chance to choose our nationality or our parents, however, we do have the right to become the people we want to be, and then we have the power to build a peaceful world.

Display table in JOYA 2017.

Weng Ian Lai, brooch: 1.Dreamer, 2.boaster, 3.comforter, 4.psycho, 5.camouflage,, 7.invisible, 8.depressed, 9.spy, 10. fool.
From the series: The unique me set, front and back, 2017.
Material: potato skin, silver, paper, stainless steel, thread. Size: 8 x 6 x 3 cm.
Photo by Li Chen.

Aggelika Dipilari

Display table in JOYA 2017.

I was attracted initially by the title of her collection from Athens Jewelry Week 2017, Wood of Crystallizing Time. The main material of her creation is driftwood, she found them on the ground, collected and placed them on the table as the inspiration resources. The passion to the organic material, the driftwood specifically, which plays a poetic role in her imaginary world. Each piece tells the artist how they would like to be illustrated, placed, combined and connected through the original form, colour and perhaps also the state of mind from the artist when she finds those wood pieces, when she observes them and when she works on them.
Each piece Aggelika creates is a story, a frozen moment, and an absence of the history.

Display table in JOYA 2017.


Alchimia 's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom.

Alchimia Gallery is an initiative that supports the work and creativity of the students studying at its school. Every year, students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds gather at Alchimia to share their passions and dreams of bringing their personal and unique point of view to the jewellery world. This selection of pieces is also a reflection of Alchimia's spirit and identity.
The groups of work showed in Joya are made by students from different years in Alchimia, the different project proposal caused the diversity of the pieces, each piece is powerful and unconstrained, they are totally out of my expectation.

Lisiane Hilario, brooch or necklace, 2017.
Material: aluminum, silver, wood. Size: various, left one: 8 x 6 x 1 c
m .

Cosima Rohden, ring: Jagersstraat 13, 2017.
Material: silver, textile. Size: 6 x 3 x 3 cm .

Daniel Jirkovsky, brooch, from the series for Baudelaire (17 pieces in total), 2017.
copper, silver, shibuichi. Size: from 1 cm to 10 cm.

Yanqi Wang, brooch: B project, 2017.
Material: 925 silver, polystyrene, resin. Size: 12 x 9 x 3 cm.
Photo by Yanqi Wang.

Yara Diaz, shoudler piece: Coronel Aureliano Buendia , 2017.
Material: vintage metal fabric, polyester thread, brass, shibuichi, gold leaf. 


AGC's booth in JOYA 2017 showroom.

AGC, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, is a non-profit organisation that was created to develop and promote the art of contemporary jewellery meant as artistic research, the renewal of the concept of ornament, experimenting with new materials and technologies, and the protection, study and updating of historical heritage through know-how and skills. AGC was founded in Trieste in June 2004 by a group of professionals to create new opportunities for the development and qualification of contemporary jewellery, aiming to promote a constructive and synergistic dialogue with the artistic and productive scenes on an international level.
The table of works by AGC is a bit more “classical” comparing with other booths in Joya, but each selection is indeed super well finished. It’s even more breathtaking only by staring on the details of the pieces.

Gigi Mariani, ring (front left): Sketches serie #2, 2016, ring (front right): Painting serie #4, 2017, brooch (back right): Painting serie #7, 2017.
Material: silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina.

Sara Barbanti, brooch (in the front): Earthquake, 2017; brooch (in the middle): time, 2017; necklace (in the back): Radiate, 2017.
Material: charcoal, gold, silver, steel; charcoal (in the front); iron, gold leaf, gold-plated silver, steel (in the middle); charcoal, gold-plated silver, steel wire (in the back).

Clara Del Papa, ring, from the series: giardini d’inverno, 2015 - 2017.
Material: silver, oxidation, enamels.

Francesca Antonello, brooch, 2016 - 2017.
Material: wood, silver, steel.

At last but not least, some more images of other artists' work to finish the review of this year Joya showroom in my eyes, and I am looking forward visiting it again next year.

Work by Satomi Kawai.

Brooch by Yu-chu Huang.

Work by Elizabeth Habig, from the serie: The course of time.

Brooch by Senay Akin.

Necklace by Niki Stylianou.

Work by Marcin Tyminski.


About the author

Yuxi Sun completed her Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2015. She is undertaking her Master of Fine arts in Gemstone and Jewellery at University of Applied Science Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein till 2018. Meanwhile, she is making an internship at Klimt02 in 2017.