Golden Prototypes at Klimt02 Gallery

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Published: 26.06.2015
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Evening of June 10th we opened the exhibition Blank at Klimt02 Gallery presenting a series of new pieces by Catalan artist Marc Monzó.
For the second time Klimt02 Gallery presented a solo exhibition by Marc Monzó. Marc lives and works in Barcelona and is one of the most recognized Catalan jewellers, known for his strong and minimalistic design. In Blank, Marc challenges the gold sheet and our perception of gold. After ordering sheets of precious metal from his gold suppliers, Marc assembles the Blank pieces with a minimum use of techniques and tools:
"I can build the pieces nearly without using any tools, for example the ring I have bent with my fingers. There is a point of risk in this that I really like. I become a bit of an observer more than a creator. Because the company is in a way deciding for me. I like to find the beauty in this. It gives a nice tension between the material and the situation. The material is expensive but the jewels look like architectural prototypes. I like the nature of prototypes, because they are open. In a prototype there are no conclusions and in these pieces there are no conclusions."

Apart from the new Blank series, the exhibition also includes a selection of recent iconic works, for example the Wall pieces and the Fire Camp brooches. You can read more about the thoughts and ideas behind Marc’s work in this recent interview. We would like to share some photos from the opening night at the gallery.
Marc Monzó with visitors at the gallery on opening night

Marc Monzó Fire Camp brooches

Blank exhibition display

Opening night at the gallery

Opening night at the gallery

Blank is on show until July 17th. The gallery is open as normal up to July 31st and closed from 1st August to September 2nd.

Upcoming for Klimt02 Gallery is our next big group show. In October we present To Recover with work by selected artists of the gallery. This will be shown in conjunction with JOYA, so remember to get your travel plans in order now, in October Barcelona will be filled with jewellery activities not to be missed!