Hard and straight. The creation of Nineteenth-Century Masculinity and how it affects the wearing of jewellery.

Published: 19.02.2022
 Online Magazine Trendhunter, Photo: Alice Rosati .
 Online Magazine Trendhunter, Photo: Alice Rosati 

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The aim of this research is to find out why jewellery in the western world is mainly seen as an accessory for women. The starting point is the Victorian era, which had a great influence on the understanding of jewellery due to the gender roles developed there - with consequences until today.

This article is the result of research by Alexander Triffterer during his internship at Klimt02. This research draws on various books and articles that explore the wearing of jewellery and fashion in relation to the gender norms of Western society.

The idea of the research is to investigate and chronologically show the relationship between jewellery and the wearer and the socio-cultural changes that have shaped it.
This internship practice is proposed, guided by Klimt02. The copyright of the internship outcome is shared by Alexander Triffterer and Klimt02.