Hayan Kim. Hochschule Düsseldorf, Peter Behrens School of Arts, Applied Art and Design. Selected Graduate 2017

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Published: 06.08.2017
Hayan Kim. Necklace: Communiotics W/D/H 70.100.6, 2017. Silver, plexiglass, steel.. Photo by: Yiqing Cai. Hayan Kim
Necklace: Communiotics W/D/H 70.100.6, 2017
Silver, plexiglass, steel.
Photo by: Yiqing Cai
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Hayan’s project for her Master’s Degree is titled ‘Zwischendinglich’, which can be translated as ‘inbetweenness’ or the state of being in between. Between two cultures and two languages, namely Korean and German; between the creator of jewelry and the recipient/wearer of jewelry; between jewelry as an object that stands between two people; and also between art and applied art, one-off and serial production, craftsmanship and modern techniques.