How to Bead a Rogue Elephant. The Musings of a Jewelry Designer: Desire

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Published: 13.07.2023

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Jewelry brings our desires into existence. For any design, it is a long journey from idea to implementation. This journey involves different people at different times along the way. People will not wear/buy/reflect positively upon a design if their agendas, understandings and desires do not converge in some way with those of the designer. They will not wear a design, buy a design or contract with the designer unless there are some shared understandings about desirability. These shared understandings include desires, on the part of both designer and client, about what should happen and when, what will happen, and what the risks and rewards of the finished project will be. Shared understandings and desires are about recognizing intent and risk. Jewelry represents a commitment to a conversation – between designer and self and designer and client. The conversation allows for the management of shifting assumptions, expectations, perspectives, values and desires about risks, rewards, and the chances these will materialize. Better-designed jewelry shows the designer’s conscious awareness of all the things affecting shared understandings and desires.

This article is adapted from a book-in-progress by Warren Feld called How To Bead A Rogue Elephant.