Hsin-Yi Chen. IED Istituto Europeo di Design. Selected Graduate 2020

Published: 16.11.2020
Hsin-Yi Chen. Head Piece: Untitled, 2020. Silver, black pearl. Digital rendering.. Hsin-Yi Chen
Head Piece: Untitled, 2020
Silver, black pearl. Digital rendering.
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Hsin-Yi Chen's project arises from the need to go beyond the beauty idealization caused by social media and virtual reality. Her work highlights how virtual effects can easily be part of our daily life, blurring the limits between reality and imaginary, giving chances to people to have multiple identities. Her minimal and futuristic collection "Post-Human Era: Filtered" is the answer to the topic. The past is recalled by the introduction of punk-inspired facial adornment and the present is surpassed by the transformation of digital filters into tangible pieces.
/ Giulia Savino & Arianna Caressa