With Jewelry: je(WE)lry

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Published: 27.05.2021
Haydee Alonso. Bangle: Untitled, 2015. Copper, brass. Photo by: Juuke Schoorl. From series: Inter-Acting. Haydee Alonso
Bangle: Untitled, 2015
Copper, brass
Photo by: Juuke Schoorl
From series: Inter-Acting
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Jewelry is a menace to thinking in neat and tidy ways. I was invited to write a mini-series about some of the possibilities and potentials of how jewelry can function with, and illustrate, larger, often poetic ways of thinking. The pieces are in conversation with each other. After all, I think of them as tools, rather than end products. An invitation for us to dance in possibility – in a realm beyond the binary right and wrong.

Klimt02's With Jewelry series are not manifestos but prompts and dialogue springboards whose intention is to enrich, engage or entangle with larger ideas, rather than to resolve.