Jewelry self-portraits of Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0 designers. Part II

Published: 22.09.2021
Alexandra Bujenita
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Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0 is celebrating contemporary jewelry between September 30th and October 3rd, 2021 with exhibitions, conferences, tours, and jewelry fair featuring over 200 Romanian designers and international exhibitors.

The Central Exhibition is taking place on September 30 at Arcub Gabroveni, Bucharest, and there will be presented creations of the over 200 contemporary jewelry designers from all over the world.
The designers participating in Romanian Jewelry Week shared with us what is the jewelry that can be called self-portrait and what is its significance.

Ana Pina x  WEK, Portugal.
Ana Pina: I can’t choose one piece only, because I think mainly in collections, but I would probably pick the Modular Collection (2016), as one of the strongest and most architectural of my line of work.
WEK: Stoned Heart (2019) is a work that reflects a very particular period in my life, and perhaps the closest to a self-portrait. It was the first time I materialized a feeling of mine through jewelry. but just as life changes, so my perspective has also changed in relation to the piece.

Cleopatra Cosulet, Romania.
It is actually a set of pieces (brooches). Together they form the outer shell of what hosts the process that differentiates us from the rest of living things - the thought process. Together, they allow visual access to an interior that is not empty but populated by thoughts and enlightened by ideas.

Diana Tobosaru, Romania.
My Precious can be my self-portrait because it talks about things without which I can't imagine that you can exist. You can easily lose the most precious objects. In life you always need landmarks. A happy memory, a good thought, confidence in your dreams... Because the precious things in life, the ones you always carry in your heart, are not objects. It is more about the roots, the feelings, the emotions, the memories, the dreams that define you. Magic amulets without which life has no meaning.

Frans Beelen
, Netherlands.
I often wear this brooch. For me it's a colorful sculpture. The brooch consists of two parts of abalone shell. The parts are flexibly attached to each other with pink cord. It is surrounded by textiles and subtle veil. Two red lines dance out of the ornament. As a self-portrait: I consider myself colorful. Two sides in myself: self-assured and firm on the one hand, and vulnerable and subtle on the other. Thanks to a soft protective layer I can playfully make contact with my environment.

Gabriel Jardim de Paula, Brasil.
I did a photo performance work in 2018. quite honestly this work was about flowering our uniqueness by changing our identities.

Magdalena Pelmus, Romania.
My self-portrait piece is a ring, a monumental ring called Venus, it talks about love in contemporary times and it is part of a future collection called Contemporary Love Archeology.

Sinae Baik, South Korea.
I have a work called My space, nap, my most recent series. In this work, you may see the motif of me lying in bed. We shape ourselves in our space every day. I often feel my existence once again by organizing my thoughts in my room, a space where I can fully focus on myself.

Thomas Miscovich, Austria.
All pieces represent me and my ideas, but for example, with Shelter, I just saw this picture of the chapel in Zillertal, I was attracted to its shape, and I started to wonder what is hiding inside this black building. I realized we are the same - we protect what is inside of us from the outside. We may wear black clothes and appear closed and opaque - because we are afraid to show who we really are, to show how colorful and full of life we are.

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