Jing Jiang: Central Saint Martins. Selected Graduate 2019

Published: 28.10.2019
Jing Jiang. Ring: Weighting Feathers, 2019. Brass, goose feather.. 7 x 2 x 5.2 cm. From series: Weighting Feathers. Photo by Jing Jiang.. Jing Jiang
Ring: Weighting Feathers, 2019
Brass, goose feather.
7 x 2 x 5.2 cm
From series: Weighting Feathers

Photo by Jing Jiang.

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At the start of her final year, Jing was fascinated by the processes and finishes found in objects, ornaments and jewellery made with extreme levels of craftsmanship and skill.Jing explored traditional and modern techniques to find materials and forms where she could communicate her visual language and material exploration. Focusing on the traditional Chinese technique of Tian Tsui, which uses blue kingfisher feathers to inlay and cover surfaces of ornaments, Jing sought to create a modern interpretation and use of this technique. Aiming to incorporate and celebrate both the refinement of Chinese traditional craftsmanship and the minimal aesthetics of western modernism Jing created a stunning collection of jewellery pieces. The use of Goose and Turkey feathers, produced as waste materials from the food industry, gives the work and technique a more sustainable future. This collection, though its visual & technical quality successfully brings a traditional technique into a modern context.
/ Course leader: Giles Last.