J&M Studio at SAFA Lands on 1st World Design Cities Conference 2022

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Published: 28.10.2022
Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts
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In September 2022, five teaching members from the Jewellery & Metal Studio at SAFA participated the Design Exhibition of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University in the World Design Cities Conference including Prof. Shannon Guo, Joyce Xu, Lion Lv, Emma Ji and Jackie Shi.
The 1st World Design Cities Conference 2022 is hosted by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, organized by Tongji University, Donghua University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban Rural Development, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League, People’s Government of Huangpu District and Arcplus Group PLC. 

Prof. Shannon Guo’s work Inspiration of Dun Huang aims to explore the contemporary nature of hand-forged vessels. It breaks the traditional aesthetics of 'complete symmetry' in form and structure and adopts patination as paintings on the surface to interpret the traces of time and create a texture effect similar to cave murals.

Inspiration of Dun Huang, 2022. Copper, patination.

In 2022, the city where the artist Joyce Xu lives was suspended again by the epidemic. The jewellery Scenery is a response to the special period and a recalibration of the relation of humans and nature through visual metaphors, material contrasts of silver, pearl and plastics and the interaction of jewellery and wearer along with time.

Scenery, 2022. Plastic, 925 silver, pearl.

The work Black Logic is a wine cup designed and made by Lion Lv. It combines silver with Chinese lacquer and discovers how objects and material languages influence the users’ emotions through using process.

Black Logic, 2022. Fine silver, Chinese lacquer.

Emma Ji’s necklace and earring is named as Heart Image 5 Black Bamboo Tune. Black Bamboo Tune is a Shanghai opera that impressed the artist when she first came to Shanghai and became the work’s inspiration. Her work reflects an emotional sublimation after living in the city for a long time.

Heart Image 5 Black Bamboo Tune, 2022. Silver 925, enamel, pearl.

Expect a Fountain continues Jackie Shi's exploration of the relationship between jewellery and its box. He made a pendant that combines a jade mint and a lid, and any coke bottle can be its 'home'. A traditional piece of material is filled with the desire to explode in Coke.

These are examples of the exhibited works of J&Mers, and what J&M shows on this international stage is how jewellery and metalwork can be an expressing tool to engage with the personal, cultural and social context, including rebuilding the connection of objects and people, materializing emotions, merging diverse cultures, connecting the tradition to the modern, and make comments to the current issues.

Exhibition view..
Exhibition view.

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Exhibition view..
Exhibition view.

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