Jorge Manilla, Athens Jewelry Week jury member, interviewed by Marietta Kontogianni.

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Published: 03.12.2018
Jorge Manilla. Necklace: Abruptions. Learning to fly again, 2018. Wood, leather, zinc.. Photo by: Alexandra Colmenares Cossio. Jorge Manilla
Necklace: Abruptions. Learning to fly again, 2018
Wood, leather, zinc.
Photo by: Alexandra Colmenares Cossio
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Jorge Manilla is so much more than an internationally renowned artist that he can’t be described in just a few lines. But if I had to use only one sentence to talk about him, I would say that he is an artist of a multilayered personality that it is reflected on his work, a profound thinker, and a man who puts love and devotion in everything he does; and the truth is he does a lot of things! He creates, he organizes exhibitions to show his work, he teaches, he does workshops, he gives lectures, he curates, he judges, he reads, he writes, he expands his education…! But above all, he is the father of a lovely daughter and a father figure to his students of the Metal and Art Jewellery Department of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Furthermore, he has been in contact with the Greek contemporary jewelry scene since 2014 and has been collaborating with Athens Jewelry Week since the first edition of the event in 2016.