Julia Obermaier. Hochschule Trier. Selected Graduate 2016

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Published: 01.08.2016
Julia Obermaier. Necklace: Come Around, 2016. Agate, resin, pigment. 27 x 20 x 3.5 cm. Photo by: Julia Obermaier. Julia Obermaier
Necklace: Come Around, 2016
Agate, resin, pigment
27 x 20 x 3.5 cm
Photo by: Julia Obermaier
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With her bachelor thesis Julia Obermaier delivers a statement of monumental grandeur. To do so, working mainly in agate and rock crystal, is a matter of concentration and patience as well as of spatial transition. Acquiring an extended awareness of space and volume, in the sense of an architectonic perspective, paired with an empathical sensibility for the wearers and observers body and mind, and at the same time bordering the restrictions of jewellery is a remarkable feature of Obermaiers process of work. The result is a collection of wearables in gemstone with a high quality of sensitivity. As an object, Obermaiers pieces are intriguing and inviting, as soon as they are worn and in unity with the body, they show an until than almost hidden sensuality. / Theo Smeets