Jussi Järvinen. HDK. Academy of Design and Crafts. Selected Graduate 2019

Published: 25.09.2019
Jussi Järvinen. Piece: Male, Female, Fuck Off, 2019. Aluminium. 25 x 5 x 350 cm. Jussi Järvinen
Piece: Male, Female, Fuck Off, 2019
25 x 5 x 350 cm
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Through years of study, up to the Master's degree in Jewellery Art, Jussi Järvinen has built a strong artistic language. With well-prepared research and questions grown out from own personal experiences, the work is honest and grounded. Jussi´s degree work consists not of many elements, but the few used are very well chosen and always in the right size and placement. Hearts, lion and letters… rope, chain and aluminium…  Shapes, symbols and materials that gives recognition to something familiar, an understanding wide and global. The source and reference in the work is jewellery, but when enlarged to size out of wearability, Jussi also neutralises them, not to be related to any specific person or gender. The work by Jussi is brave, strong and personal, and speaks not with one voice, but with many.
/ Karin Johansson Professor Jewellery Art HDK