Latent movement. A review about Ulla and Martin Kaufmann

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Published: 17.09.2019
Ulla + Martin Kaufmann workshop..
Ulla + Martin Kaufmann workshop.

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Forethought or chance? Often, the dilemma in any creative process is to formulate a response to this kind of choice. Ulla and Martin Kaufmann opt for an admirable compromise between intuition and method, spontaneity and strategy. Indeed, they opt for simplicity and bareness in form, so each decision is essential. There is no room for a false move! Restrictions intensify the experience of the process, sharpen the senses and the concentration ... So precision becomes emotion, and perfection an everyday utopia on a human scale.

This article was published in the book "Sequenzen 1999-2004". The book was edited in Alfeld and published in 2004 by Ulla + Martin Kaufmann.