Laura Salguero. EASD Valencia. Selected Graduate 2017

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Published: 04.07.2017
Laura Salguero. Body piece: Teratodontic IV, 2017. Silver, horn, rhutenium plating.. Photo by: Juan Carlos Quindós. Laura Salguero
Body piece: Teratodontic IV, 2017
Silver, horn, rhutenium plating.
Photo by: Juan Carlos Quindós
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This year the Jewellery Department of the EASD Valencia (School of Art and Design of Valencia) is glad to highlight the work of Laura Salguero. Laura is an already experienced artist who has wisely brought her concerns to the jewellery field with an absolutely personal proposal, which has been accomplished due to an exemplary technical and conceptual research. It is specially significant in her project the deep study about orthodontic practice and history, as well as her ability to penetrate into the magic of ancient rituals bringing the monstrousness to the present tense.
Teratodoncia gathers point by point the aim of our department: interdisciplinarity, scientific and technical values and artistic vision.