Lucy Ganley. Central Saint Martins. Selected Graduate 2017

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Published: 06.07.2017
Lucy Ganley. Brooch: I am more..., 2017. Paper bag, cotton thread, steel wire, silver, masking tape.. 15 x 10 x 5 cm. Lucy Ganley
Brooch: I am more..., 2017
Paper bag, cotton thread, steel wire, silver, masking tape.
15 x 10 x 5 cm
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Lucy Ganley has pursued an unusual direction for jewellery and has done this imaginatively, thoughtfully and thoroughly. Her embroidered paper brooches tell of the divide between inside and outside, and of the conditions of prison life. The pieces draw attention to the conditions of prison life, the experiences and attitudes of prisoners, and in doing so, create a sense of empathy. This comes from the use of basic materials, the directness of the quotes and the care taken over the embroidery. Wearing one of these brooches will show solidarity with a prisoner. It is the narrative of social conscience, the context of both inspiration and eventual use and the emotional responses they invite that make these successful pieces of jewellery. / Caroline Broadhead