Manifestations of time at Klimt02 Gallery

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Published: 21.10.2015
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Ted Noten Superbitch Bag Revisited, 2015 & Karl Fritsch Untitled Revisited ring, 2015
. To Recover at Klimt02 Gallery.
Ted Noten Superbitch Bag Revisited, 2015 & Karl Fritsch Untitled Revisited ring, 2015
To Recover at Klimt02 Gallery

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Time passes, time is interpreted. Time is felt and suffered. Time drifts away. Premiere of ten world renowned artist's work and investigations of time during the opening night of To Recover.

Barcelona is currently cooling off after a successful 7th edition of JOYA. This year the Off Joya programme offered more than twenty jewellery related events and JOYA is making a name for itself on the international scene, with visitors flying in from all over. We enjoyed meeting old and new friends and celebrated with a packed opening at the Klimt02 gallery.

Klimt02 gallery participated in the Off Joya programme with a very special show, To Recover. Over the years as we have been running the gallery certain pieces have made an everlasting impression. For To Recover we invited ten jewellers connected to the gallery to revisit and explore an older piece. Reinterpreting a work becomes a way of addressing time, a way of exploring a landscape in order to try and understand it. We believe this exercise would provide an interesting opportunity to discuss time.

Time passes, it is made, interpreted, felt and suffered, it escapes, drifts away, becomes trapped or stretched, sometimes it is intelligently ignored and, why not, it is exercised.

Stefano Marchetti on his new piece for To Recover:
“In the Nineties, in the making of the older brooch, my goal was to control the metal, to have the metal do whatever I wanted. In this latest brooch, made a few days ago, I let instead the metal take control over myself, and let it take me wherever it would go.”

Stefano Marchetti
Untitled brooch, 2007 / Untitled Revisited brooch, 2015
Silver, silver and titan powder, epoxy resin

 Opening night at Klimt02 Gallery

Brooches by Tore Svensson - New work designed for Klimt02 Gallery

 Opening night at Klimt02 Gallery

Rings, Formal Research 2015 by Noon Passama and necklace by Lisa Walker

The exhibition is also designed to be understood through an analysis of the different types of answers provided by the works as a whole. There are answers that simplify, offering minor changes, non-answers, inspired answers and coherent answers if you have prior knowledge of the artist’s trajectory.
Welcome to make your own interpretations at To recover, on show at Klimt02 Gallery until November  7th.