Material Stories: Gemstones. Carrying Deep Time with You

Published: 23.02.2021
Chloé Valorso. Brooch: Happy Spirit Stones, 2020. Bumblebee Jasper, silver eyes.. 
. Photo: courtesy of the artist. Chloé Valorso
Brooch: Happy Spirit Stones, 2020
Bumblebee Jasper, silver eyes.

Photo: courtesy of the artist

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Instead of driving up the demand for more material, jewellery artist Helen Britton decided to use up the stones she had collected over the years. Although it was too late to pay her respect to the anonymous people who had mined and cut them, Britton carefully brought these stones to the surface again as jewellery. She called it a metaphor of our responsibility.

Klimt02's Material Stories series attempts to examine various perspectives on the use of materials. This is the third article of the series of the Materials Stories series, on Gemstones. Stay tuned to explore gold, gems, pearls, and recycled materials.