Meet Me There: values, constructions & destruction in the work of Estela Sàez

Published: 13.11.2017
Carolin Denter Carolin Denter
Carolin Denter
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Pieces from Estela Saez.
Pieces from Estela Saez

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If there is too much art I want to add more Space. Amaranto Joies was the host of two exhibitions during Joya this Year. „Its Pinata Time by Tabea Reulecke & Eva Burton“ and „Meet me there by Estela Saez“ with works from 2013.

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Estela's works play with values, constructions and destruction, the title „Meet me there“ seems to refer to a location or her own state of mind. We did not get too much information, far from the aesthetics while looking at them, but the catalog tells us:

Estela Sàez makes sculptures that look like jewels and not the opposite. (...). The objects proposed are stone or metal towns, primitives, distant, that hide fragile things in a constant process, fugitives. Her own way to make it happen is, to say the least, peculiar, given the treatment she makes to the material, its proportions and the impossible reproducibility of each object. From that ensemble, I am fascinated by the sculptures, made with pink or smoked translucent stone. And from the metallics’, the patinas, almost pictorial, that relegates the material to a stateless condition. She abuses the noble condition from materials such as gold and silver and brings them closer to scrap iron or rusty wire. / Jordi Mitjà, Lladó 2013

One of the pieces in the exhibition space at Amaranto Joies

Looking again, back to the wall with the jewelry, I found that I can agree with all these points. I see incredible strong works, I see the abused yet poetic material, I see the sculptures which pretend to be jewelry. But what I don't see, is the appreciation of this pieces. Where is the light, the space, the thoughtfulness of the arrangement? I see all these pieces, put together, in this, now incredible small looking, white frame. The Gallery has two exhibition spaces available at the same time: The “Main” exhibition space, which is lightboxes, containing jewelry from Tabea Reulecke and Eva Burton and an „Off the Wall“ Mini-exhibition with pieces from Estela Saez.

The exhibition overview on the wall at Amaranto Joies

The concept of this mini-exhibitions is quite nice: A frame, to fill with a work, or, in this case, a lot of works. The Frame is part of a white painted wall and might be big enough to show some smaller necklaces or earrings but in this frame, we found 14 strong, big pieces. Each of this works could fill the white frame by itself. This made me question the decision of showing the works in this environment.

Detail view of a group of pieces from Estela Saez

By leaving the Gallery after our visit, I can still feel the energy I got from all this natural, wild & vibrant jewelry, but with this stabbing thought in my mind, that they deserve more attention that if there is too much art I want to add more Space.

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