MMCA Art Bank acquires Yong Joo Kim’s Necklace as part of their permanent collection

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Published: 19.02.2018
Yong Joo Kim. Necklace: Crossing the chasm Op.5, 2016. Hook-and-loop fastener, thread.. 27 × 47 × 5 cm. Photo by: Studio Munch. From series: Crossing the chasm. Yong Joo Kim
Necklace: Crossing the chasm Op.5, 2016
Hook-and-loop fastener, thread.
27 × 47 × 5 cm
Photo by: Studio Munch
From series: Crossing the chasm
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The necklace titled Crossing the Chasm Op.5 is made of hook-and-loop fastener and thread. The acquisition of Yong Joo Kim’s work was handled by the MMCA Art Bank Division in Gwacheon as part of an ongoing effort by the MMCA Art Bank to acquire outstanding work of painting, calligraphy, craft, print, sculpture, installation, and photography produced by Korean artists. The effort intends to stimulate Korea’s art market, popularize art culture and realize cultural rights by purchasing, renting, and exhibiting works by Korean artists.