The Nobel Jewellery Prize 2013

Published: 30.12.2013
Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson
Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, Karin Roy Andersson
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On December 10th the annual banquet celebrating the Nobel Prize winners of 2013 was held in Stockholm. This can only mean one thing - it is high time for us to announce the Nobel Jewellery Prizes 2013.
Looking at the work of Frieda Dörfer can make you question what it is your eyes are telling you. The engraved patterns make the flat surface both three dimensional and highly seductive. The Jewellery Physics Prize is awarded Frieda Dörfer for creating magnetism using optical effects.

Neckpiece by Frieda Dörfer, photo by Andreas Krufczik.

Carole Deltenre has highlighted the genesis of all creativity, the source of life. Wearing her pieces is a strong and proud statement that this is something important to defend, value and homage.

Brooches by Carole Deltenre

Literature   The magic of really good literature is its ability to throw you in a certain state of mind. This necklace made by Kellie Riggs forces the wearer into both physical and mental position. It frames your thoughts and makes you focused and concentrated.

Continuity/Structure III, neckpiece by Kellie Riggs

Consumption is what fuels the global economy. But for how long will this accelerating wheel be able to spin? Tzu-Ling Lee presents an installation of stones made of thousands of receipts collected by her friends. The “carat” of each stone is directly in response to how much that individual have been shopping during a period of time and the color variations comes from big spending in specific stores. The message and the aesthetic qualities are the genuine value of these precious stones.

Installation: The lightness of life, Tzu-Ling Lee 2011-2013

The intention of the Nobel Jewellery “Piece” Prize is to bring attention to a person, instance of phenomenon that works hard to bring more light on contemporary jewellery.

The price of 2013 is awarded to Inger Wästberg - collector, art historian and author of the new book on Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery. The book presents thirty-one Swedish jewellery artists from the 1990s to today and explores how jewellery has evolved from a field defined by materials and techniques to its present state of concept and content.


Since the release of the book, Wästberg has been spreading the word of contemporary jewelry through various channels and reached large masses. The project has been seen on daytime TV and in fashion magazines, as well as in an exhibition and lecture for an auction firm. During the (real) Nobel Prize event a TV-presenter wore a necklace by Märta Mattsson, one of the artists featured in the book. We applaud this force of energy and dedication to bring more light on art jewellery. Congratulations to all the awards winners of 2013! Now we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our colleagues, friends and readers for a wonderful 2013 full of exciting projects and hard work. We wish you a spectacular new year and lots of creative energy for 2014!

Gott nytt år!
Karin & Sanna  


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