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Published: 10.12.2021
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New Talent Award* came to its 7th edition now. It is one of the most exciting events of the year on the Klimt02 platform as every year, Klimt02 together with our readers witness plenty of fresh creativeness emerging in the field of art jewellery and contemporary craft. As always this award aims to recognize the work of graduates by supporting their careers in the professional world, also recognize the work of schools that play a significant role by offering a broad variety of opportunities to their students.

* Name-changing notes: JPlus Emerging Talent Award was renamed New Talent Award from the 7th edition in 2021.
From all nominated graduates from participating school entries, Klimt02 will award one of the featured graduates with a one-year free Klimt02 artist’s membership including a personal artist profile & a solo exhibition of a selection of graduation works at Hannah Gallery. Klimt02 will promote internationally the work of a new talent.

In the following week, we will keep publishing all nominees' work and start the examination period. The final result will be announced on 20 December. Please keep following this page or subscribe to Klimt02 weekly newsletter to get the latest news.

Meantime you could vote for your favourite artist. Since the 6th edition in 2020, we set up New Talent Audience Award and invite all of Klimt02 readers to become the jury. The graduate with the highest votes will also get one-year free Klimt02 artist membership.

Program and key dates:
New Talent Award 2021
  • Jury: Klim02 Team & Hannah Oatman, Winner of the 2020 edition.
  • Prize: One-year free artist’s membership including a personal artist’s profile & a solo exhibition of a selection of graduation works at Hannah Gallery.
  • The result will be announced on 20 December 2021.
New Talent Audience Award 2021
  • Jury: Any Klimt02 reader can vote for 3 candidates.
  • Prize: One award nominee with the highest votes will get one-year free artist's membership at Klimt02 with a personal artist's profile.
  • The vote entrance will be open on this page from 14 December until 17 December. The result will be announced on 20 December.

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Voting period: 10 am, 14 Dec  - 12 pm, 17 Dec 2021 (GMT+1)
Below you can see the works from all New Talent Award Nominees of this edition:
Work by Diya Wang. Body piece: Pearl Drip, 2021. Mass-produced white shirt, plastic pearl chains, plastic pearl buttons, brass. Photo by: Rob Chron.
Nominated by Rhode Island School of design, United States.

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Work by Shuyao Hong. Vessel: A Hammer of Tea, 2021. Silver, brass, blackwood bubinga.
Nominated by Nanjing University of Art, China.

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Work by Kefan Luo. Brooch: Lightheartedness IV, 2021. Silver, plastic, rice paper, wool. Photo by: Jialin Fu.
Nominated by China Academy of Art, China.

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Work by Lars Joosten. Brooch: Plastic polish kit not included, 2021. Acrylic, silver, steel, brass.
Nominated by PXL-MAD School of Arts, Belgium.

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Work by Cunshuo Ma. Earrings: Dynamic responder, 2021. Silver, brass, steel wire, feather. Photo by: Yuxi Lu.
Nominated by Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Artesis Plantijn University College, Belgium.

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Work by Alma Lion. Necklace: Across the Land, 2021. Salt. Photo by: Shai Franco.
Nominated by Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Israel.

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Work by Annachiara Zani. Brooch: Presence, 2021. White and onyx Volterra’s alabaster, rhodium plated silver. Photo by: Alessandra Defeudis.
Nominated by IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Italy.

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Work by Johanna Seibert. Brooch: homo ornans, 2021. Epoxy resin, coloured, extruded; 925/000silver, gold plated. Photo by: Petra Jaschke.
Nominated by Pforzheim University School of Design, Germany.

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Work by Giulia Morellini. Brooch: Barbie & Ken, 2021. Silver, PVC.
Nominated by Le Arti Orafe, Italy.

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Work by Nadiye Koçak. A single glove and a necklace: Untitled, 2021. Latex, hair, copper. Photo by: Nadiye Koçak.
Nominated by LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

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Work by Luché Eléne Oberholzer. Sculpture: Post-human, 2020. Ceramic, steel wire. Photo by: Luché Eléne Oberholzer.
Nominated by Universiteit Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

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Work by Olga Krysanova. Body piece: (THICKER) SKIN, 2021. Limestone, suture threads, silk, cotton. Photo by: Zhixuan Liang.
Nominated by Hochschule Trier, Germany.

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Work by Siteng Wei. Necklace: Rock Formation III, 2019. Copolyester plastic, epoxy resin, sterling silver. Photo by: Fred Kroh.
Nominated by RMIT University, Australia.

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Work by Cristina Alises. Brooch: Autocontrol, 2021. 925ct silver, stainless steel, guitar string, heat shrink tubing.
Nominated by EASD València, Spain.

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Work by Hao Lin Cheng. Brooch: One Is One Hundred, 2021. Brass, stainless steel.
Nominated by Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Italy.

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Work by Tegshtuya Gandugar. Ring: Embrace A Piece Of The Moment, 2021. Silver.
Nominated by University of Applied Sciences, Peter Behrens School of Arts, New Craft Object Design, Germany.

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Work by Jenny Jansson. Brooch: My Perfect Life, 2021. Gold plated silver, PS-plastic, steel. Photo by: Jenny Jansson
Nominated by HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design, Sweden

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Work by Michelle Chung. Piece: Mouth Piece, 2021. Jesmonite, plywood.
Nominated by University for the Creative Arts, UK.

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Work by Manon Pourcher. Necklace and performance: Litholâtre, 2021. Stones, iron.
Nominated by HEAR, Haute école des arts du Rhin, France.

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Work by Jiakun Zhang. Head Piece: Stars on the roadside, 2021. Brass gold plating, gray resin, gems, glass.
Nominated by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China.

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