Olga Krysanova. Hochschule Trier. New Talent Award Nominee 2021

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Published: 22.11.2021
Olga Krysanova. Body piece: (THICKER) SKIN, 2021. Limestone, suture threads, silk, cotton. 75 x 47 cm. Photo by: Zhixuan Liang. On Body. Olga Krysanova
Body piece: (THICKER) SKIN, 2021
Limestone, suture threads, silk, cotton
75 x 47 cm
Photo by: Zhixuan Liang

On Body

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Olga Krysanova's work (Thicker) Skin goes to the very foundations of human existence. She clarifies for herself the questions of dealing with a society that is geared towards its members functioning in a certain way and grapples with what it is like when this required functioning does not suit oneself.
/Ute Eitzenhöfer