Opening of Chinese Mythology Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

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Published: 11.09.2020
Vonmo Studio, Felicia Li
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Chinese Mythology Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition was grandly held in Beijing Aotu Space on August 8, 2020. This exhibition is curated by Felicia Li, the Director of VONMO Studio. Participating artists Jingwen Yuan, Mingluo Zhang, Miao He and Jie Gao, all attended the opening ceremony and unveiled the next exhibition. Jie Gao attended and served as the host of the opening meeting. Some of the participating artists and art lovers witnessed this grand event.

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This exhibition, with the theme of Chinese Mythology, has 74 works from 37 artists domestically and abroad. Artists choose different materials and elements to interpret Chinese Mythology from different angles. Exaggerated or delicate jewelry present and imply ancient myths and legends, and reflect the deep thinking of modern people on myths, describing contemporary people's myths in the language of jewelry.

Felicia Li giving a speech at the exhibition opening.

Ms. Felicia Li, the founder of VONMO, firstly expressed her gratitude to artists and visitors from home and abroad for their enthusiasm for this exhibition. Then, she introduced the original intention of Chinese Mythology at the opening ceremony: VONMO wants to serve as a cultural output platform, exporting Chinese culture and attracting creators like us, who 'only creating by self can make oneself feel at ease, to exchange their ideas. In this way, we can create an easy, simple, and authentic atmosphere for the studios, for ourselves, and for people who like art jewelry.

When comes to the Chinese Mythology, Curator Felicia Li pointed out that if we use contemporary jewelry language to show Chinese mythology, and control the development of Chinese mythology with our spirit and thought, then the production of new mythology will definitely influence the next civilization.

At the exhibition venue.

At the exhibition venue.

At the exhibition venue.

Felicia Li introducing artist's work at the exhibition venue.

Whether it is Chinese royal art or folk culture and art, all of them have been accumulated through thousands of years. Curator Felicia Li said that we can also peek into the sources of Chinese mythology through these artistic forms, such as Shanxi Shehuo, shadow puppets, which are all derived from the Chinese mythology. Besides, about 70% Japan's monster culture comes from Chinese monster myths. And many of today's technology are based on mythological imagination. As we can see, the relationships between man and the universe, man and nature, man and man, etc. are all originated from ancient myths. Maybe they will change over time, but myths always live in people's hearts.

Wishes from Jury for the exhibition - script of the video(the complete video shows after the text):
Hongxia Wang:
Dear everyone, I am Hongxia Wang. It is absolutely a pity that I could not attend this year’s “Chinese Mythology” Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition in person. I hope we could review the value of Chinese Mythology through this exhibition, especially in the situation of this year. I believe that “Chinese Mythology” Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition held at such a special period which integrates the Chinese Mythology, contemporary jewelry exhibition and review of Chinese Mythology, will definitely be a wonderful exhibition.
Kim Buck:
I always find it quite difficult to be on a jury. Often I turn the opportunity down, because it is too difficult for me. I know you’re feeling vulnerable as a maker in the creative process, as it can be a difficult place to be, filled with insecurity and so on. I am familiar with your position and I myself take it very hard when I am turned down by a jury.
I have always been very fascinated by Chinese mythology and symbolism. I find it so fascinating how Chinese symbolism is intimately connected to the Chinese characters - the sounds and meanings of the character, how the character can be switched according to its sound, and the tradition of this interplay. Despite my fascination for the Chinese language, I’ve had to accept that I may be too old to learn the language.
For me, when we talk about contemporary jewellery, it seems that ‘contemporary’ always means it is ‘made now’, but I find it equally important that it is ‘made here’. And by ‘here’, I mean where the maker is situated, where she lives, what she experiences every day, what her life is about and what is happening in the society at the time when the jewellery pieces are made. That is very important for me. But it is also important for me that the piece is made with skill. Skills that are acquired over time with effort. Thus the single piece of jewellery reflects the capabilities of the maker and that this quality adds to the meaning and value of the piece of jewellery.
I find this very important and that is what I look for when I am on the jury of these kinds of exhibitions.

Maria Rosa Franzin:
Dear Felicia I send you good wishes for a beautiful opening. You have realized an important project by presenting the participants with the pages of your rich culture. I was happy with the response you got by getting such a large number of good authors. Thank you for putting me in the jury and so I could hear my friend Zhao Yi close by watching the works. It wasn't an easy job but I think everyone could understand the choice. In all the pieces I felt that the technique, the thought, the interpretation and finally the work for the realization of the jewel had to be important. I feel that this exhibition could be the beginning for upcoming editions. Thanks a lot to all your collaborators, to the members of the Jury and many greeting all of you from Padua.

Yi Zhao:
Hi, everyone, I’m Zhao Yi. I feel so sorry I can’t attend the opening ceremony of “Chinese Mythology”. Now, I meet you through a video to say a few words about my feelings.

Felicia used to be my student, but now we are more like friends. To be honest, I was not sure whether her dream would come true when she first visited me, and told me her ideas. But I was moved by her courage. You know, in the time when meeting and communicating are even costly, it’s really rare for such a person to do a work that doesn't ask for anything in return, besides, she wants to keep doing this "invisible feat" work.
As a judge, I think the review process should be open and transparent. In order to maintain justice, Felicia does not show the author's CV on purpose. The judges will give points independently, and finally exhibitor’s points will be summarized and sent to Felicia. So, as long as your work conforms to the theme of "Chinese Mythology", and showing beautiful craftsmanship and novel designs, then you can be shortlisted. The review process has nothing to do with your educational background and your relationship with others.

Finally, I would like to say that the whole exhibition is in the style of "Felicia": sentimental, clean, polite and a little low-key. If you see her in person, you will find this is the very exhibition for her, just like what she did in the work, which almost presents all the details that can be caught. Of course, there are still some unexploited ideas and presentations, which will be the highlights in the future’s exhibition.

This exhibition is still young like a child, but it keeps moving on with great passion. Here I would like to thank Felicia and the people behind her for contributing to the international image of Chinese local jewelry, and the courage and perseverance. We hope that the guests present can enjoy the pleasure when appreciating more than 70 high-quality exhibits. By the way, the theme of the next exhibition, "Intimate Relationship", has been released in this exhibition. Later, Felicia will introduce you the detailed guide for participation. Finally, I extend warmest welcome to the artists, students and designers who love jewelry creation at home and abroad to contribute in this exhibition. Thank you all for your contribution and continued attention to International Jewelry Exhibition held by the Chinese non-government curators. 

Wishes from Jury for Chinese Mythology Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition
Felicia Li
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Exhibition Venue of Chinese Mythology at Aotu Space No.67 in Beijing.

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