Their Own Standards. A review about Ulla and Martin Kaufmann

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Published: 02.09.2019
Ulla + Martin Kaufmann. Piece: Turn, 2009. Brass. Photo by: Martin Kaufmann. Models of Vessels.. Ulla + Martin Kaufmann
Piece: Turn, 2009
Photo by: Martin Kaufmann
Models of Vessels.

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It’s not uncommon for a married couple: Ulla + Martin Kaufmann, to share an atelier, but it’s rare indeed for a couple to prioritize absolute collaboration. Each spouse is seldom encountered alone: they think, work and exhibit their creations together.

This article was published in the book Ulla + Martin Kaufmann, Einblicke. The book was edited in Hamburg and published in 2006 by Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft e.V. and Erdwin Amsinck Stiftung.