Pedro Sequeira: A multi-artist

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Published: 15.11.2018
Pedro Sequeira. Pedro Sequeira.
Ana Campos
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Pedro Sequeira. Pendant: Face, 2018. Oxidized silver.. 2 x 2 x 2 cm. Photo by: Pedro Sequeira. Pedro Sequeira
Pendant: Face, 2018
Oxidized silver.
2 x 2 x 2 cm
Photo by: Pedro Sequeira
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Pedro Sequeira is a multi-artist who, despite his young age, has reached maturity in the national and international plateaus, with a work that includes jewellery, sculptures, drawings and photography. His jewels find themselves in contemporary artwork. They are non-functional tiny objects, albeit usable – pieces that are unique due to their ideas, concepts and metaphors.
The drawings are non-figurative and also autonomous in their expression and communication with other fields. They have plenty of graphic elements and varied and colourful materials. They have a pictorial aspect and are not easel drawings. They are examples of a graphical viewpoint that is particularly conceptual.
Taking into philosophical consideration the reasons that make this work unlike any other movement, in the modernist sense, the jewellery of Pedro Sequeira emerges in the process of trying to transfigure craft into an art form. This is something extraordinary, out of the ordinary things and objects that surround us on a daily basis.

Pedro  Sequeira, Drawing Untitled, 2017, Organising the studio, Cloth, graphite on paper, 70x70 cm .

Pedro Sequeira,  Drawing VÈRTO 2017 from series VÈRTO, Mineral pigments (jet, clay, lapis- lazuli, malachite) on paper, each paper is A4 size.

In the field of jewellery, he stands out from the most common typologies. On the one hand, his jewellery is not outlined to decorate or embellish the body. On the other hand, it contains intents with autonomous purposes, like it happens with all forms of art. In other words, they fulfil the unique function of contemporary art – to disrupt jewellery itself and other forms of art, arguing metaphorically on it, as well as on several aspects of life and the common world.
Generally speaking, the artist focuses on the shapes of public space, for instance, frame grids, and is interested in geology and the crossover between painting and jewellery.

Pedro Sequeira, Drawing, Geography 2018, 200 x 150 cm, Different clay pigment on paper. 

Pedro Sequeira studied at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Otto Künzli and obtained a Master’s Degree in Drawing and Printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, during which he produced a Project Work Report entitled Inscrever o Corpo, (Inscribing the body) under the guidance of Professor and Painter Mário Bismarck. He has several other qualifications, including in gemmology.
He received several awards such as the Preis für Junges Kunsthandwerk in 2009, in Munich, the Deconstruction, reconstruction, in 2005, awarded by the Art Gallery in Legnica, the Jovens Criadores’01 in Portugal, and even the FabricArte, given by City Council of Matosinhos.

Pedro Sequeira, Possibly jewellery items, 2017, As far as I am concerned, brass and rubber piece, 1 ice-cream stick, painted with gouache, 1 rubber spiral tube, 1 brass and aventurine piece, created, 1 straw segment, black, 1 cotton thread, 1 brass tube, partially sprayed black, 1 electrical wire segment, 1 train ticket, involuntary sculpture, 1 brass tube and wire, 1 brass tube, painted with acrylic, 1 brass tube and wire, 1 rubber tube with a knot, 1 piece made of black straw and Agathe, 1 brass and aventurine piece, created, 1 electrical wire segment, folded in u, 1 Otto Künzli pin, 1 paper piece, involuntary sculpture, 1 piece made of brass tube, nylon thread and Agathe, 1 rolled cigarette paper, 1 pen, cut.

He has several other professional experiences in different fields, from writing to the curatorship and the organization of events. For instance, he was a collaborator of the magazine Attitude, in which he wrote about jewellery and contemporaneity. He was also a consultant for the development of product design and photographic documentation and was a jury of the contest Jovens Criadores, in the area of jewellery.
Pedro Sequeira has jewellery works in Reverso gallery, in Lisbon, as well as in Espaço Real, Galerie Maurer Zilioli in Munich and Gallery O in South Korea and has an extensive list of participation in collective exhibitions and individual, national and international.

Article courtesy of Ana Campos and Umbigo Magazine.

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Ana Campos was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1953. She is a jeweler and is also dedicated to research in this area. In the field of teaching, she taught design and theories of the art and design of contemporary jewelery. Until 2013, she was director of the arts / jewelery business and coordinator of the post-graduation in jewelery design at ESAD - School of Arts and Design, in Matosinhos, Portugal. It has been dedicated to curating and producing national and international jewelery exhibitions. Graduated in Communication Design at FBAUP. He studied jewelery at Ar.Co, Lisbon and at the Massana School, Barcelona, as a scholarship holder at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He holds a postgraduate degree in Intercultural Relations from Universidade Aberta, Porto, which led to a masters degree in Visual Anthropology, whose dissertation is entitled Cel i Mar: Ramón Puig, actor in a new jewelery scene". The orientation was by José Ribeiro. She is currently a PhD in philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He finished his PhD in 2014, with the guidance of Gerard Vilar. He developed a thesis entitled: Contemporary jewelry as art: a philosophical study.