Peter Chang 1944 - 2017

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Published: 31.10.2017
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Peter Chang at his studio.
Peter Chang at his studio

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Peter Chang died in Glasgow on October 25 2017.

My ideas involve the eternal cyclical events of birth, growth,decay and death. Early studies of Taoism, C.G. Jung's theory of "synchronicity", mythology together with a fascination with the natural world, have strongly influenced ideas and visions in my art. / Peter Chang 1996.
Peter Chang was one of the leading British jewellery artists of today. He handled his medium - plastics, mainly acrylics - as if unaware of its main application in the mass production of everyday utensils, and rather like a precious material that needs to be treated with intense care and affection before it will reveal its true character and qualities. His bracelets and brooches are striking, big, colourful and luminous, then again delicate, small and frail but always unmistakable. After a long working process his splendidly colourful objects possess a suppleness and lightness that redirect attention to their base material, those highly adaptable plastics. Chang was undoubtedly the only jewellery artist at present who devotes himself to plastics with such rigorous consistency, having discovered them to be his most congenial medium. Peter Chang's prize-winning creations can be found in many important museum collections all over the world, including Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

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