We Live in the Context of the Globalisation Era. Photo Sensitive Cities by Carla Castiajo

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Published: 26.01.2006
Gijs Bakker. Brooch: Mc Laren F1, 2001. Aquamarine, silver, colour photo, plexiglass. Gijs Bakker
Brooch: Mc Laren F1, 2001
Aquamarine, silver, colour photo, plexiglass
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There were attempts to establish the ideal city, but that is just what they were. There are many ideal cities. There are those, which are interesting enough to rouse the appeal to live in them, but the city is always imperfect, it has its dark side. 
The author evaluates the value of the metropolis and its design aspects. How much art is there in an urban environment, and how much of the urbanism is in our jewellery?