It is surprising, shocking and even a little bit disturbing. Exhibition review: The Red Power by Anish Kapoor

Published: 12.01.2020
Felicia Li Felicia Li
Felicia Li
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Exhibition venue, photo by Felicia Li..
Exhibition venue, photo by Felicia Li.

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In the cold winter of Beijing, the most exciting thing must be the exhibition of Anish Kapoor, which is full of artistic emotion and red charm. The artist came to China for the first time with his colors, presenting four large-scale installations and 56 public project models of his major artistic creations spanning 35 years.

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The first solo museum show of Anish Kapoor in China was shown at CAFA Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts from 25.10.2019 to 01.01.2020 and Taimiao Art Museum, Imperial Ancestral Temple.from 11.11.2019 to 28.12.2019. Both venues are located in Beijing.

Anish Kapoor is one of the greatest artists of contemporary art. The scene of large-scale installation is undoubtedly amazing, and this scene has become a famous spot where web celebrities will visit and take pictures. (Lots of in-depth interpretations of this artist and his works can be found in many platforms, so we'll just talk about the feelings of this exhibition here.) Apart from a few very famous large-scale installation exhibitions, I think those airlifted models are the most valuable part of this exhibition. In these models, some of them have been constructed into the installation exhibition, but others not. However, it’s sure that visitors can closely observe and comprehend a great design work through these material experiments and model. As for independent art jewelry designers, it will be more valuable and meaningful to see the process rather than observe the final work.

Exhibition venue, photo by Felicia Li.

On the spot, a small model is placed on a white table, and the finished art installation a cross-section ready to become a strange cell individual can be seen in the distance. Many designers or artists will firstly present the objects and concepts in their minds with a model in this way. I believe that I have seen his whole thinking process in the exhibition, yet I don't know others’ feelings about it. Compared with seeing the large installation exhibition directly, I feel much more touched to see the experimental process of these materials.

Exhibition venue, photo by Felicia Li.

More than ten meters high sun, dozens of tons of wax blocks, hundreds of tons of red earth...... It is surprising, shocking and even a little bit disturbing. Red can stimulate all your emotions and inspire unprecedented attention and thinking. To understand Kapoor's works, you should throw yourself into the time and space of his work. Only in this way, can you have a full dialogue with him.

Exhibition venue, photo by Felicia Li.

Check the link below to view more details about the exhibition and info about Anish Kapoor.

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