Report of the Triple Parade 2015

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Published: 15.06.2015
Report of the Triple Parade 2015.
Jie Sun
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The Triple Parade 2015 in Tianjin as a quality international cultural exchange project, had been completed at 29th of May with massive contributions from the cultural, educational, political, commercial institutes, and great experts and individuals, from Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and China. 
It was officially opened at 19th of May,  through the speaking by Ms.Paula Parviainen ( Deputy Head of Mission from Finland Embassy in Beijing),  Ms.Ineke van de Pol (Head of Culture and Press from Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing), together with three directors from the core cooperation institutes Mr.Guoyuan Deng ( Director of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts), Ms.Eija Tanninen-Komulainen, (Director of Kuopio Academy of Design), Ms.Liesbet Bussche (on behalf of Director of St Lucas University College of Art & Design), and Mr. Jie Sun.

Opening Speaking by Paula Parviainen, Ineke van de Pol, Eija Tanninen-Komulainen, Guoyuan DENG, Jie Sun & Liesbet Bussche

Opening Ceremony

The Central exhibition titled Dialogue, as a part of program of  Finland - China 65 Years Diplomatic Relations Anniversary, it covers three spheres of jewellery and gives a positive look into the developments of contemporary jewellery with a focus on three countries ( Belgium, Finland, China), and presents a selection of 19 designers and artists. 13 international speakers well-represented through the two special lectures and Jewellery Forum, including audience engagement provides a great opportunity for a public voice in domestic jewellery design today. All content was live broadcasted, be made available to the general public through social Medias, allowing the conversation to extend through web-based commentary, reviews, and discus­sions.

Works of Liesbet Bussche on display

Works of Shu Liang on display
View of the exhibition

The communication engage various groups and emphasize the participatory role of the public in this project: invited people from industry, regular and special audience of Museum and Tianjin International Design Week, local visitors of Tianjin.  Students, young and old professionals, media, jewellery admirer, sustainability experts, designers from the other creative fields, amateurs were being well-represented. The exhibition reached over 4200 audiences within 10 days, two lectures and one day Jewellery Forum reached over 400 audiences (excluding online audience). More than 16 medias (Website, Newspaper, Magazine) had pressed this event, including leading ones such as ArtForum, Art China, Xinhua News, Design Magazine. Etc.  
Paul Derrez & Willem Hoogstede, directors of Galerie Ra,  Lecturing 

The next station of Triple Parade 2015, will move the content to Kuopio in Finland at August, and Antwerp in Belgium at late of this year. A great deal of extraordinary togetherness has occurred on the Triple Parade project, which is wholly devoted to an important group of people who engage with contemporary culture and jewellery in a fascinating way. We hope you will agree and be pleasantly surprised by the new format.
Matti Mattsson on Workshop

Part of Workshop process
Hilde De Decker Lecturing
Experts on discussion
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