Report of the Triple Parade 2016

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Published: 29.11.2016
Report of the Triple Parade 2016.
Jie Sun
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The Triple Parade 2016 international annual exhibition is a cultural exchange which is expanded between China and the rest of the world on a multitude of level, devoted to the hardcore awakening in jewellery design, with a very open and contemporary-oriented approach by focusing on the concept of dialoguing. This aim of Triple Parade strengthening the international profile of the jewellery design sector and contributes to activities through: Innovation and Deepening of Knowledge, Broadening of International Relations, Stimulating Public Interest.
TRIPLE PARADE 2016 Opened its door at 10th November in Tianjin Shengxi Museum of Fine Art,with more than 20 press (newspaper, magazine, TV. etc) had released and published this exciting event from the city of Tianjin. Tianjin as a metropolis in northern coastal China and one of the six national central cities of China, with a total municipal population of 15 million. This goal to implement TRIPLE PARADE 2016 in a perspective-rich collaborative way has been achieved. We confident that it will open up new perspectives on the giant, and we would like to invite all the visitors to discover the greatly relevant designs from a field so full of surprises, with such a future ahead of it.

Jie Sun presenting the Triple Parade 2016

The exhibition represented an enormous challenge to everyone involved in purely quantitative terms: with over 250 works by more than a hundred designers and artists. Starting with a selection of objects from many different spheres, the exhibition presents an enlightening. This dialogue across creators, wearers and viewers successfully portrays the image of defining jewellery by its own unique role within all design disciplines, which is in constant growth and is generating a wealth of new ideas that are enriching our mundane reality in the most imaginative manner. This theme has chosen a connecting innovative approach in its attempt to comprehend the central of jewellery.

Lauren Kalman works at the exhibition

Exhibition display

TRIPLE PARADE 2016 exhibition will partly travel to Beijing Gauguin Gallery and opening at 17th December 2016, which is located in one of the Zaha Hadid's icon Wangjing SOHO, it will present the exhibition as the second venue, since this will ensure that the exhibition is opened to the broad public in Beijing that we wish to reach.

Guest speakers at the Forum

TP  Forum 
Theme: Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer.
Guest speakers were: 
Mr. Bojun Li, Director of Shengxi Museum of Fine Art. 
Prof. Jie Sun, Chairman of TRIPLE PARADE Organization Committee. National Distinguished Expert at Tongji University Shanghai.
Mr. Terry Hunt, Chairman of The Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ), London.
Mr. Henny van Nistelrooy, Well-known Dutch product and furniture designer, founder Studio HVN.
Mr. Ezra Satok-Wolman, Board of Directors of Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), US
Prof. Kim Buck, Danish Jeweler, Designer, Artist, Educator. 
Mrs. Hongxia Wang, Danish Jeweler, Designer, Artist. 
Mrs. Diana Holstein, Director of Copenhagen Goldsmiths' Guild, Copenhagen.
Mrs. Jean Vacher, Curator of Craft Study Center, University of Creative Arts, London.
Mr. Hiroshi Sako, Director of Education, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery, Tokyo. 
Mrs. Yuehong Jiang, Art Historian, Curator, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.
Mr. Dukno Yoon, Korean jeweler, designer, artist.

Public attending the lectures

Ezra Satok-Wolman, Board of Directors of Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Jean Vacher, Curator of Craft Study Center, University of Creative Arts, London

TRIPLE PARADE 2016 Award Ceremony 
Starting from this year as the first time, the aim of the Award is to appreciate the individual artist and designer who has made outstanding contribution on the innovative development and diversity of the field of contemporary design practice ( jewellery ). Essentially, the nominee is the one who has selected as participate on the central exhibition (excluding joint groups: RA Selection, K.A.U. Collection). The Winners are: Kim Buck (DK), Dukno Yoon (KR), Dinie Besems (NL), Paul Derrez (NL), Ezra Satok-Wolman (CA), Jun Hu (CN), Muzi LI (CN)

Triple Parade 2016 trophees

Ezra Satok-Wolman recipient of a TP 2016 Award

TP workshop:
In cooperation with Jewellery Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, the three-day workshop was leaded by Kim Buck and Hongxia Wang.     

Kim Buck at the workshop

Kim Buck and Hongxia Wang checking the workshop results

The publication
This publication consists of 7 groups of interviews by commission, including 14 experts on board, giving perspectives from education, collecting, creating, curating, wearing, and dealing on contemporary jewellery design. The photographer making use of conventional studio techniques, in the form of tempting image and building conversation between objects from different artists in photographic images. An invitation is held out to us that transforms each piece of jewellery into a very fresh new reality. This quality guarantees a surprising result with a fresh approach to the content.

Inner pages of the publication

7 Dialogues (interview), credit to contributors as below:
Kim Buck & Jorunn Veiteberg
Fei Teng & Yuehong Jiang
Poppy Porter & Tuan Lee
Ezra Satok-Wolman & Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith
Marjan Unger & Noon Passama
Fredric Baas & Noon Passama
Paul Derrez & Noon Passama

Inner pages of the publication