Resonance: 7 artists and 10 students. A project by Einav Benzano

Published: 04.07.2021
Einav Benzano
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Starting the project. A collective wall of all students, January 2021..
Starting the project. A collective wall of all students, January 2021.

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This project started in March 2020, with the first lockdown of the Corona Pandemic. I set up an online zoom program for the students at DNMADE (National diploma in craftsmanship and jewel object design), of the “Institut de Bijouterie of Saumur”, France. Each meeting allowed a precious and intimate exchange between the students and various artists, designers, curators gallery owners, French, and international.
The guests gave an overview of their careers and shared their personal paths in the field of contemporary jewelry. When we finally returned to School, I realized that I must continue to deepen the strong and meaningful bond that has been achieved. Especially in this period when it was necessary to establish effective communication in order to strengthen the student's desire to continue and express themselves through art and creation.

This is how the project RESONANCE was born. 7 Artists said YES to this adventure: Vered Babai, Isabelle Busnel, Sébastien Carré, Nicolas Favard, Omri Goren, Tzuri Gueta, and Juan Riusech.

The 7 artists who participated in the project RESONANCE.
Top left to right: Nicolas Favard, Isabelle Busnel, Juan Riusech. Bottom left to right: Vered Babai, Sébastien Carré,Tzuri Gueta, Omri Goren.

Each artist was associated with one student. An exciting, enriching, and inspiring exchange. From January to May 2021: 5 months of work including, 50 zoom sessions, e-mails, WhatsApp...
Each student then developed her own creative process through plastic, graphic research, documentation, and experimentation in order to build a personal project that resonates with the chosen artist and her own work.
3 different jewels were created which combine different materials. A metal jewel. A jewel combining metal and other materials. And a jewel based on readymade materials. A fascinating and moving journey. The artists guided the students and shared their, perspectives, ideas, out of generosity and passion to make the project fruitful.

In the last and complex year, we have gone through a lot and especially in the context of studies related to contemporary art and jewelry, I felt a commitment to renew communication by making intimate contact with key people from the field of contemporary jewelry, and create an intimate and tangible one-on-one relationship to give to each student the chance to go through a unique process. By means of communication like the zoom and individual and direct communication. The students went through a fascinating process and designed a personal and powerful project accompanied by artists and with us the teachers.

/ Einav Benzano, instructor of the project creation workshop

Naïs Coutouly worked in RESONANCE with the artist Sébastien Carré.
Naïs has built an exciting project as an echo to the work and preoccupation of the question regarding the environment which Sébastien Carré deal with in his work. Her project refers to a village in Corsica and the island in front of it where she and her relatives have been spending every summer and Christmas since childhood. Her pieces deal with her memories and examine the changes of landscape following the arrival of tourists and the construction that changes the whole area. Her pieces reflect her worries and criticism due to the actions of mankind toward nature. Naïs built a project with three colors, using techniques like embroidery, knitting, macrame when each piece of jewelry and object is treated differently on both sides. A recognizable side and a side with a different volume and a kind of disorder that obscures reality.

Florette Dugast worked in RESONANCE with the artist Vered Babai.
Florette built her project based on a card game, aiming to commemorate warm memories from her childhood of those precious moments with her grandmother, that was always letting her win while playing their favorite card game. Florette created playful and kinetic jewelry. Each piece carries a surprise, leaning on unfolding constructions, precise mechanisms, and unexpected combinations of materials. As an echo to Vered's work, she challenged herself to create jewelry with regarding details and techniques, as well as shaping feelings and emotions into them. More than decorative - her jewelry is pleasant to wear as they create a focus of interest and an offer to communicate and play.

Laure Delmas worked in RESONANCE with the artist Omri Goren.
Laure came out of the frameworks of Omri Goren who works with portraits and paintings done by his grandfather. She built her project dealing with inner borders, and the need to observe herself – sometimes from the inside and sometimes from the outside of her own frame. The metal ring is built in a way so that it can be open to multiply options. The second ring involves personal materials such as the canvas that converses with the canvas that Omri inserts in his works. The pin conveys exactly and simply in being itself.

Blandine Coutaz worked in RESONANCE with the artist Juan Riusech.
Blandine Coutaz project came out as an echo to the preoccupation of the artist Juan Riusech with the symbol of a heart. His heart. She made research on the blood systems and focused on three areas in the body, as a reflection of three dear and significant people in her life. The head and face as a connection to her grandmother's illness. The heart, as a special connection that was formed with the artist Juan during the work on the project. The legs, as a connection to her grandfather's illness. In her three works, she desires to externalize and remove the blood system, which was perceived by her as hard-to-see memories that enveloped people whom she loved, to an enveloping, delicate, comforting, and beautiful object.

Louise Ginioux worked in RESONANCE with the artist Juan Riusech.
Louise Ginioux was inspired by the suffering she felt observing the jewels of Juan Riusech. Louise’s design aims to provide a comforting response both to the artist with whom she resonated, but also a message of love, appeasement and hope to all who are going through difficult times.
Her jewelry was made during the covid era, and Louise continued to express her need for contact with others as a way to maintain good mental health. She expressed the idea to go toward the other, the physical contact she was so longing to experience, as was rare and limited this year, and the appeasement brought by these social interactions.

Anaïs Lassalle worked in RESONANCE with the artist Sébastien Carré.
Anaïs LASSALLE went through a personal emotional journey while building the project. It was an agile and gradual process that its discoveries were revealed and integrated as foundations in her project.  Communication with the artist Sébastien Carré, created a space where Anais could both reflect, reveal new things about herself and later think about how to expose them. The project she did deals with her identity, limitations, and sensitivities. Each piece of jewelry is reflecting the peace of acceptance at the end of a long personal journey.

Calista Le Roux worked in RESONANCE with the artist Isabelle Busnel.
Calista Le Roux built her project in resonance with the artist Isabelle Busnel. She created a series of three breastplates that resonate with the artist's "Stomachers" series.  The three large breastplates taking the shapes of a shield made from metals and other materials. They are like armor that conceals and protects at the same time.

Marine Laroche worked in RESONANCE with the artist Tzuri Gueta.
Marine Laroche communicates with the work of the artist Tzuri Gueta’s and the marine world. Her three jewels moving us as observers from the contemplative gaze of the sea surface, sensing the aesthetics and appeasement that emerges, towards an in-depth look of the hidden side. The weight of waste and plastic that invades and degrades this perfect universe. This sight forces us to move from being just observers and think about our responsibility of polluting this creation and possibly take accountability.

Manon Girard worked in RESONANCE with the artist Nicolas Favard.
Manon Girard referred to her personal and emotional reading of the artist's Nicolas Favard jewelry. She worked according to a database of words and feelings and designed three pieces of jewelry, each of which works on a different emotion and reaction.

Fanny Bonardet worked in RESONANCE with the artist Vered Babai.
Fanny Bonardet dwelled on the poetics and feather motif in the artist's Vered Babai series of works “Silent Flight” as well as in the artist’s birds photo series. She has created three pieces of jewelry that are communicative and connected to each other. A feather, an eye, and a book all part of a shared context, all are different dimensions of the same poetic design.


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