Review about TALENTE at Handwerk & Design 2018

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Published: 21.03.2018
Review about TALENTE at Handwerk & Design 2018.
Carolin Denter
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The special show TALENTE is an international competition of young craftsmen in design and technology. The special show is a reflection of the ideas of young people, characterized by an experimental use of materials and craft techniques. The best entries receive the coveted TALENTE prize.
As usual, it amazes me to see innovative ideas from newcomers all over the world. I think I am safe to say that TALENTE, even though it is not as “prestigious” as its bigger brother SCHMUCK, is my favorite part of the Fair.

Display view at Talente 2018

In 2018, works by 110 designers from 30 countries were shown in incredible 11 different sections. As in the previous year, this involves innovative, unusual combinations of materials that convey a new look, as well as the examination of traditional production methods and in the end, 8 winners were awarded.

Most impressive for me were two of the 8 winners: Lucy Ganley from UK and Maral Mamaghanizadeh.

Lucy Ganley won one of the prizes in the Category of Jewellery.
Personally, I admire her skilled work since I saw them as selected for the Klimt02 Graduate Award which she won in 2017.  Her project explores the value of people, concentrating on prisons and its inmates. Lucy's project is so interesting for its unusual topic, the careful research shaped into fragile aesthetic pieces and at the same time containing strong statements. She is translating the life in prison in a poetical way by embroidering sentences from inmates on paper.

Different brooches from the "Show your solidarity" project by Lucy Ganley, TALENTE Award winner 2018

The second artist I would like to focus on, is a brave woman from Iran, Maral Mamaghanizadeh.
As we are all artists, we know about the importance of free expressions. Art can be the tool for communication, in this case, a soft rebellion. Maral is a feminist from Iran, investigating the Hijab. In her eyes, she is representing a long-term political struggle, in which women are not allowed to uncover their hair, talk about feminism or sexuality as these are forbidden matters. Looking at this problem from outside, and understanding the equality of men and women suggested she uses hair as material to represent that matter. Her brooches are made from her own and friends hair, to symbolize their personal stories. As another challenging part, she uses coconut bowl as the vessel for the hair, to adapt the shape of a female breast to provoke uncomfortable connotations relating to the Iranian culture.

Maral Mamaghanizadeh, Brooches  "Tales of Tresses", human hair, coconut, copper, stainless steel.

Sadly she was not awarded for her work, but I am happy to share some more of the winners from 2018.
Louise Lang was awarded for her Glass work. She began working on her 38 glass sculptures during her travels at the Kenji Itos Aya Glass Studio in Kawasaki. Her idea was, to blow sketches through the glassmaking pipe. After photographing, she went a step further and transformed them into screen printing on glass to bring them to another level.

„Eine Formenreihe“ by Louise Lang, one of the awarded artist at TALENTE 2018

The winner in the category "Materials and Techniques" went to the Austrian student Miriam Schlägel, who studies in Bolzano at the Faculty of Design and the Arts. She created ashes tiles. "Fire destroys, creates and generates waste in the process: the ashes. Made of ash, which has soundproofing and insulating properties, I made tiles. For this purpose, a mixture of wood ash, lime and water was stirred and pressed into a mold. The raw materials can be found almost everywhere in the world and the ash left over from burning different types of wood and having different shades of color gives each floor or wall tile a unique look; every tile will be unique ", explains the artist. The Jury was only questioning the durability of the tiles, on which the artist is working further.

Tiles made from Ashes by Miriam Schlägel

As well awarded in the field of “Materials and techniques” were Anja Lapatsch and Annika Unger for using unusual materials such as birch-tar and pitch. Both artists worked with archaeological experts to mimic the effects of nature on materials.They aimed to use old world techniques to create and to recreate something similar to the oldest archaeological objects found in 220,000 B.C. Using the ancient manufacturing processes of slow pyrolysis (dry distillation) of organic materials in a self-made kiln, which creates a unique look.

Forgotten Collection by Anja Lapatsch und Annika Unger

Overall i am happy to see a growing number of applications from all over the world to be admitted to the TALENTE competition since I think it is very important for all of us to stay innovative and open for the newcomers, which are surprisingly varying. 

About the author

Carolin Denter completed her training as Goldsmith at Master School for Craftsmen in Kaiserslautern in 2013. In 2015 she made an Internship at Klimt02, where she is working since 2016 as Content Manager. In 2017 she graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gemstone and Jewellery at University of Applied Science Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein. After her graduation, she started working part-time as Marketing and Design management Assistance at Campus Idar-Oberstein in the Gemstone and Jewellery Departement.