Review of Gem Cutting, a workshop with Tarja Tuupanen at China Academy of Art

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Published: 25.07.2018
China Academy of Art
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Tarja Tuupanen with students from China Academy of Art..
Tarja Tuupanen with students from China Academy of Art.

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The significance of the two-week course was to master the technique of cutting gems and to explore various of possibilities of stones with different forms and texture. Besides solving technical problems while cutting by performing many assignments, artist Tarja breaks through the traditional boundary and concept of gems. Focusing on the deconstruction, recombination and repetition of stones and other forms of art in order to disinter the uniqueness of the material and destroy normal Attributes.
Finnish Artist Tarja Tuupanen who born in 1973 graduated from Stockholm Design Institute with master’s degree. Her art jewelry is mainly based on marble, performing exquisite cutting technology. Tarja used to teach in Estonia Academy of Art, Gothenburg University (School of Design & Craft), Gothenburg University and so on. Her work is collected by plenty of art museums.

In the first week of the course, artist Tarja focused on the proficiency of machine use. Students were totally familiar with all the machines with diversified stones by performing three different basic assignments. Tarja emphasized that exercise was only one part, the most vital thing lies in both the proficiency of machine using and calmness.

Tarja demonstrates stone cutting in the workshop.

Tarja explained the hardness and attribute of different stones with detailed theoretical knowledge. She encouraged students to learn by themselves by means of basic tools such as knife and copper, learning about the characteristics of different stones. Whereafter, turned to practice from theory.

Tarja with students in China Academy of Art.

Every assignment specially targeted at the use of stones and machines which improved adaptive capacity of the students to the material on handling different forms.The requirements of accurate size have been improved gradually when the three-dimensional shape changed from the egg-shaped cutting to the coin cutting with exact size.

Tutorial with the student.

In the third assignment, students were asked to do the surface of stones, carrying out the semi-open work. This teaching part expanded the student’s thinking while made the students see many other possibilities of one material.

Tarja demonstrates stone engraving in the workshop.

Tarja emphasized the diversification and innovation of students’ thought in the assignment in the second week. Improve the innovation of material using and conceptual jewelry with the help of assignments which used sands and marble piece. Students gave birth to their creative ideas and concept in the borderless and unrestricted assignments and then brought them into the design.

Student Assignment 1

Student Assignment 2

Student Assignment 3

Student Assignment 4

Student Assignment 5

The two-week gem cutting course has finished. In addition to mastering the technique of cutting, grinding and polishing, the most important thing is to learn the treatment of the materials and creative thinking from Tarja. It can also be used into work in future. Thanks for the conscientious and rigorous teaching of Tarja!

Assignment time with Tarja.

Tutor: Tarja Tuupanen (Finnish Artist)
Teaching Assistant, Translator: Yao Yao
Photographer: Zongquan Ling
Teaching Time: 2018.5.7-2018.5.18
Teaching Object: Second-year Undergraduate
Sponsoring Organization: Foreign Affairs Bureau, China Academy of Art
Undertaker Organization: School of Art and Craft, China Academy of Art

Tarja Tuupanen with students from China Academy of Art..
Tarja Tuupanen with students from China Academy of Art.

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