The Review of Ramon Puig Cuyàs’ Retrospective Exhibition and the Lecture

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Published: 14.12.2018
The exhibition entrance, photo by Marietta Kontogianni..
The exhibition entrance, photo by Marietta Kontogianni.

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Ramon Puig Cuyàs retrospective exhibition Quan la joia es fa metàfora (When the jewelry becomes metaphor), presenting this exceptional artist’s works from 1985 to 2018, was the most important exhibition that was organized in the context of JOYA Barcelona art jewelry and objects fair 2018 10th anniversary, in collaboration with A-FAD, as part of the Off JOYA events.
The exhibition was on show from 13/09-10/10/2018 at the Disseny Hub Museum where the central exhibition of JOYA was hosted. A lecture was also organized on Ramon Puig Cuyàs’ work.