Rong Shi. Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Selected Graduate 2020

Published: 10.11.2020
Rong Shi. Head Piece: Breathing Light, 2020. Breath sensor, LED, resin.. 37 x 42 cm. Photo by: Mike Photography. From series: Breathing Light. Rong Shi
Head Piece: Breathing Light, 2020
Breath sensor, LED, resin.
37 x 42 cm
Photo by: Mike Photography
From series: Breathing Light
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Rong Shi's work starts as questioning when people's minds change, and as more new technologies emerge, how will the accessories in the future weddings look like? In The Future Wedding accessories, she imagines this future scene, incorporating non-traditional craftsmanship and conceptual wearing methods into the design, presenting a future wedding installation laboratory. It includes two series: BREATHING LIGHT series and HUD series.