Rosie Gunzburg. RMIT University School of Art. Selected Graduate 2019

Published: 31.10.2019
Rosie Gunzburg. Vessel: Stitch 3.2, 2018. Mild steel, enamel.. 20 x 20 x 9 cm. Photo by: Rosie Gunzburg. Rosie Gunzburg
Vessel: Stitch 3.2, 2018
Mild steel, enamel.
20 x 20 x 9 cm
Photo by: Rosie Gunzburg
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Rosie Gunzburg brings design knowledge to her gold & silversmithing practice. For four years during the BA Fine Art Rosie applied different approaches to traditional craft processes. In each new project, a subject was investigated, and the method or theory of production would intersect with both traditional processes and digital technology in one way or the other. Through a practice-led methodology, this Honours research project focused in on the transformative practices of object making through the notion of the skin and surface. These findings offer new perspectives focusing on how the digital tool can be engaged with before, during and after making. Rosie has commenced a PhD at RMIT in 2019.
/ Dr. Kirsten Haydon, Studio Leader Gold & Silversmithing and Project Supervisor.