Rut Copons. La Industrial Art School. Selected Graduate 2018

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Published: 03.07.2018
Rut Copons. Necklace: Like Tears in Rain, 2018. Sterling silver, brass, methacrylate, enamel.. 15 x 30 cm. Photo by: Javier Escribano, Rut Copons. From series: Dystopian Worlds/Blade Runner. Rut Copons
Necklace: Like Tears in Rain, 2018
Sterling silver, brass, methacrylate, enamel.
15 x 30 cm
Photo by: Javier Escribano, Rut Copons
From series: Dystopian Worlds/Blade Runner
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Rut Copons’ project is based upon three movies that describe dying worlds where life is extremely complex due to environmental disasters, abuse of power and an unethical technological development. The only one to blame is humankind, which has brought the world to this point of no return and must now face the consequences. With this dystopian approach, cinema, literature and jewelry try to draw attention and raise awareness of the need for change before it’s too late. It won’t be easy, but we have to try!
/ Sònia Serrano