Sanna Wallgren: HDK. Academy of Design and Crafts. Selected Graduate 2018

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Published: 14.09.2018
Sanna Wallgren. Neckpiece: 29016, 2018. Anodized aluminium, nylon string, plastic tube.. 60 x 23 cm. Sanna Wallgren
Neckpiece: 29016, 2018
Anodized aluminium, nylon string, plastic tube.
60 x 23 cm
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Sanna Wallgren has during her studies at HDK explored, tried out and experimented with materials and ideas to find her way in the jewelery field. Often the investigation has been focused on topics like body, disease and decay, and her own experience of and in her own body. In her degree project "Hole" she use the repetition, like a mantra, to guide her further. She perforates, dissolves, and the shape becomes a shell, shield or perhaps a filter. Breath in, breath out. When worn and in the meeting with the physical body, the jewel becomes both a protection inward and an embrace outward. The graduate work by Sanna is brave, strong and very personal.
/ Professor Karin Johansson