Emerging Talents selected for JPlus Award 2020 by Klimt02 / VOTE HERE

Published: 18.11.2020
Emerging Talents selected for JPlus Award 2020 by Klimt02 / VOTE HERE.
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6th edition of JPLUS Award by Klimt02 aims to recognize the work of graduate students by supporting their career on the professional world and recognize the work of Schools.

With the worldwide pandemic, graduates and schools encountered many challenges to develop their practice. Even though, we have received many impressive works from our school members.

This page will be updated constantly with more selected graduates' work, stay tuned!
From the participating school entries, of the selected graduates submitted by the schools, Klimt02 will award one of the featured master students with a one-year free jeweller’s membership including a personal jeweller’s profile & an exhibition of the selected graduate works at Hannah Gallery. Klimt02 will promote internationally the work of an emerging value.

JPLUS Emerging Talent Award 2020.
Jury: Klim02 Team & Esther Heite, Winner of the 2019 edition.
Prize: One-year free jeweller’s membership including a personal jeweller’s profile & an exhibition of the selected graduate works at Hannah Gallery.

JPLUS Emerging Talent Audience Award 2020
In this year's edition, we invite the audience to vote for their favourite artist!
Jury: Any Klimt02 reader can vote for one candidate.
Prize: One graduate with the highest votes will get one-year free jeweller's membership at Klimt02 with a personal jeweller's profile.

Deadline for voting: 22 November 11 pm (GMT+1), 2020.
The result will be announced on 7 December 2020.

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Below you can see the works from Selected Graduates of this edition:
Work by Qian Xu. Brooch: Bearing 4. Silver, paper, wooden board, ruby.
Selected by China Academy of Art.

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Work by Pei Wu. Brooch: 孝 Xiào. Rose quartz, 14ct gold.
Selected by Hochschule Trier.


Work by Mara Balode. Brooch: Rays. Aluminum, silk, UV resin, mixed media.
Selected by Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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Work by Emilie Vidal. Earrings: Blue Cape Chamomile. Wood, copper, enamel, silk, silver. Photo by: Hjalmar Bekker.
Selcted by Universiteit Stellenbosch University.

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Work by Hannah Oatman. Brooch: Build Your Own!.
Resin, polyurethane rubber, sterling silver, brass, magnets, various found objects. Photo by: Ian Shiver.
Selected by Rhode Island School of Design.

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Work by Yanjun Yu. Bracelet: Correspondence. Cast bronze, steel.
Selected by Academy of Art University.

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Work by Avneri Inbar. Bracelet: Fading Fantasy. Brass, gold plating.
Selected by Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.

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Work by Yingqi Zhao. Brooch: 2019, fall, individual. Copper, sterling silver, acrylic, leather, paint, stainless steel.
Selected by Indiana University.

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Work by Hanna Tervonen. Object: Energy comes through a white colour. Juniper, agate.
Selected by LAB University of Applied Sciences.

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Work by Bo Zhang. Brooch: Chameleon. Polyamid, plastic film. Photo by: Petra Jaschke
Selected by Pforzheim University. School of Design.

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Work by Manufacturas Auténticas Xan. Brooch: PHILIPS SC7960. PHOTO edition.
Electric shaver, electronic circuit, ebony wood and steel.
Selected by EASD València.

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Work by Rong Shi. Head Piece: Future Wedding. Platinated 925 silver, gold, acrylic. Design rendering.
Selected by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

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Work by Sandra Hiredal. Brooch: Mumintrollet. Bronze, silver, steel, found materials: memory card (paper). Photo by: Helena Perminger.
Selected by Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

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Work by Maria Konschake. Object: 19°26‘05.8“N 99°07‘52.9“W. Marble, steel.
Selected by PXL-MAD School of Arts.

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Work by Elisa Zorraquin. Necklace: Time Well Spent. Brass. Photo by: Fred Kroh.
Selected by RMIT University.

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Work by Hsin-Yi Chen. Head piece: Untitled. Silver, black pearl. Digital rendering.
Selected by IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

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Work by Ran Luo. Brooch: Strange Beauty. 22ct gold, silver, enamel. Photo by Ran Luo.
Selected by Edinburgh College of Art.

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Work by Sille Luiga. Object: Party's Over. Kitchen foil. Photo by Sille Luiga.
Selected by Estonian Academy of Arts.

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Work by Alischa Kilburg. Brooch: The One, The Other. Textile, metal.
Photo by Laura Schleder.

Selected by Peter Behrens School of Arts University of Applied Sciences.

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Work by Andreu de la Viuda. Pendant: Untitled. Copper, silver, shibuichi.
Selected by Escola d'Art La Industrial.

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Work by Juliette Même. Brooch: #5. Toilet paper, zinc and steel thread.
Photo by Juliette Même.

Selected by Haute école des arts du Rhin HEAR.

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Work by Katie Gibbon. Necklace: Untitled. Clay. Photo by Katie Gibbon.
Selected by BA (Hons) Jewellery Design Central Saint Martins.

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Work by Alaitz MM. Gavilan. Piece: Hearts on Fire. Enamel, steel, silver, brass.
Selected by Glasgow School of Art.

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