She is Guided by Her Eye and Her Heart. About the book HUNT: Kadri Mälk's Jewellery Collection

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Published: 07.12.2020
Pekka Erelt Pekka Erelt
Pekka Erelt
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Cover of the book HUNT: Kadri Mälk's Jewellery Collection..
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When I opened Kadri’s book for the first time, the genuine yellow molten gold, hot as burning lava, was pouring out of it. The feeling that overwhelmed me could be described as a mix of passion, restlessness, desire for possession, and something yet unspeakable. An encoded message for collectors, incomprehensible for those not understanding the code. Here I also found the proof that Kadri is a born collector, she has the miraculous "gene defect".
The collection is dangerous wandering amidst reefs and wildfire. At some moment, the hunter obliviously becomes the hunted, the prey turns into the bait that you swallow, blinded by the hunting passion. Stop! Relate to collecting with your heart, but keep your mind sharp. It is only was so easy... Rephrasing Blaise Pascal, it could be said that collecting is an endless internal war between reason and passion.

Which type of collector is Kadri? I have met collectors, who collect more or less anything, without a system and frantically. I have met collectors, who collect things, understanding their value, but with some strange quirk (I knew a bibliophile, who boasted that they never read a book they have bought). I have met collectors, who strive to perfection, burning with passion for possessing a collection that would lack nothing. I have met collectors, for whom collecting is a tranquillizer, escape from daily routine. But also those, for whom collecting is both work and holiday. Kadri does not fit to any classification of this list.

Kadri has not been led astray by the jack-o-lanterns luring the collectors. She is guided by her eye and her heart. Her jewellery collection has her face. The pieces of jewellery have been selected with a decisive mind, although Kadri herself has sometimes claimed the opposite. I collect blindfold – just like we are blind when falling in love. Kadri’s decisions are born behind closed eyelids, guided by impeccable intuition. In a matter of seconds, I sense the aura, the ultra-small of the jewellery. But sometimes even Kadri ignites when fascinated by a stone. On the swampy unstable soil of the Internet, at the auction, which Kadri herself describes as a racetrack. A familiar feeling for collectors.

Inner pages of the book HUNT: Kadri Mälk’s Jewellery Collection.

Inner pages of the book HUNT: Kadri Mälk’s Jewellery Collection.

No collection will ever be finished (and if it would be, collecting would lose its sense immediately, the interest is promptly gone), something is still lacking, something you yearn. Hunt is overwhelming, the passionate process of acquiring offers even more pleasure than the prey itself. Because soon you feel again the hunger, irresistible passion for the next prey, and it will repeat again and again. What is lacking in Kadri’s collection, what she would hunt? Perhaps a piece of jewellery of her good friend Manfred Bischoff, who has now left from our world. This knot still waits knotting.

For Kadri, people are most important. Behind, inside and attached to the jewellery. She knows personally most of the creators of the pieces of jewellery in her collection, and possession of such item is like possession of a relic, piece of the soul of the creator. Some of these creators are very close to Kadri, in her heart. Blessed is the collection, which has a connection with the creator! In case of jewellery, this connection is especially important, because when wearing them, you feel the presence of the creator, wear the creator on and inside yourself. In case of the pieces of jewellery made by Kadri’s hand and soul, you cannot imagine that you could possess them without knowing her.

Vast number of lifeless books has been published about jewellery. Albums, on the pages of which you see shiny and less shiny rings, brooches, necklaces, etc, like a collection of pinned butterflies or beetles. Hunt, however, is a living world of Kadri, people wearing jewellery, who belong into her life in various ways and have had some impact on her. Just like Kadri’s collection is extremely versatile, so are the people, who are wearing the pieces of jewellery from her collection on the pages of Hunt. And just like Kadri herself is a free soul, she has not restricted anybody: to all of them, she has offered the opportunity to choose a piece of jewellery from her table and a suitable way for posing as a model for the photographer. As Kadri herself says: Let your inner wolf roam free, feed it, don’t try to bend the wolf into a zoologist.

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About the author

Pekka Erelt(b. 1965) is an Estonian journalist and collector. He graduated from the University of Tartu in 1990. He works as a journalist for the weekly Eesti Ekspress and has published more than 800 articles in Eesti Ekspress and in magazines Akadeemia,, Teater Muusika Kino, Tulimuld and others. He is also the author and editor of several books.  

As a collector, he is fascinated by ancient cultures, Estonian art and Estonian jewellery. In 2009, he compiled and curated the exhibition Treasures of Lost Times. Egyptian, Greek, Near-East and Pre-Columbian Antiquities in the Museums and Private Collections of Estonia at the Mikkel Museum in Tallinn. The exhibition won the annual award.
Inner pages of the book HUNT: Kadri Mälk’s Jewellery Collection..
Inner pages of the book HUNT: Kadri Mälk’s Jewellery Collection.

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