A short visit to Face to Face at Dterra

Published: 19.11.2017
Yuxi Sun Yuxi Sun
Yuxi Sun
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The exhibition Face to Face was a part of the Off Joya 2017 programme, presented by Dterra, a gallery and workshop space located in Sant Cugat, a beautiful little town outside of Barcelona. What kinds of Face to Face conversation are going on there? An exclusive tour of their workshop space behind the exhibition.

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Walking into the gallery space, a long table full of the pieces stands in the middle of the room, two walls on each side, are filled with hanging work in different media.

Exhibition view at the Dterra Gallery.

Based on the needs of further recognition of CJ as an artistic discipline, the gallery gathered 14 artists and purposed them make a series of work in different disciplines. The pieces include jewellery, sculpture, object, painting, drawing, and photography, which are presented in the front part of gallery space, an open debate and loud conversation about the artistic value of the wearable and the non-wearable piece among the works and artists.
It’s a “face to face” conversation between all the artists, to see how each of them works on the topic of transformation, and a “face to face” dialogue among the artist’s different types of works.

Sculpture VS Jewellery made by Irene Barrera (left group) and Eva Girbes (right group).

The sculptures are the enlarged objects from the jewellery pieces, the existence of these sculptures may show more details than the jewellery itself, but in this case, it was almost just a switch in scale.

Drawing and Collage work VS brooch, made by Ramon Puig Cuyàs.

Sometimes, it is unclear what was first, jewellery or object? It's an inspiring process between the 2D and 3D transformation.

Ceramics VS Brooch, made by Roberta Ferreira.

Roberta showed us, that her brooch was the outcome of a series of ceramics she did, her brooch, made from ceramic, was a transformation in scale.

Lamp VS Brooch made by Blanca Torà.

The lid of the lamp is actually a brooch, this seems to be the perfect combination of an object with jewellery, the pattern on the brooch/lid responds to the inner layer of the lamp.

Textile VS Necklace made by Yumi Kato.
Photo VS Pendants and Brooch, made by Elisabeth Moreno.

The artist tries to apply a texture to the piece, the photo there is like the initial inspiration of the jewellery creation.

The conversation is opened by 14 artists from different disciplines, some are louder than others, some are more straightforward, some are a bit more lost. However, the results of all transformation are eyes opening and inspiring. Apart from the Face to Face exhibition, the little tour that Roberta took us in their workshop was also a delight.

Behind the gallery space, when we raise the curtain, the journey starts with Dterra’s ceramic workshop, big wood tables surrounded by a couple of wood shelves that they are used for display and storage artists’ work, cooling after taking out from kiln or drying after applying the glaze.

The entrance to the workshop.
The sample of the glaze, a visual dictionary.
The ceramic workshop, in the corner of the room.
The backyard of the ceramic workshop, where are all the big machines stored.
Goldsmiths workshop locates at the second floor of the next building and some bright studio spaces are around.

The garden and balcony there are filled with plants and even a Kaki tree. I walked to the balcony, a couple of squashy Kakis are ready to picked from the tree. The ceramic and goldsmiths workshops run frequently at a different time during the week and weekend for adults and kids.

For further information, please visit the Dterra Website.

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Yuxi Sun completed her Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2015. She is undertaking her Master of Fine arts in Gemstone and Jewellery at University of Applied Science Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein till 2018. Meanwhile, she is making an internship at Klimt02 in 2017.