Shortlisted Artists for Chinese Mythology Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

Published: 15.10.2020
Felicia Li Felicia Li
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In 2019, with a enthusiasm for Chinese culture and with “Chinese Mythology” as the theme, Vonmo studio (Beijing) collected contemporary art jewelry works from around the world. I’m quite impressed by the artists‘ passion for Chinese mythology, and this is our honor. From 58 artists at home and abroad (who submitted 156 works in total), the “Chinese Mythology” organizing committee has selected 35 artists, with 74 works to enter the exhibition. The exhibition will be held at Beijing Aotu Space at the scheduled time.

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Shortlisted artists for “Chinese Mythology”contemporary art jewelry exhibition
China: Jingwen Yuan, Herman Sun, Eating Shen, Kay Guo, Yanan Zhao, Xiangyin Shi, Yanfang Zheng, Qianyi Lai, Wenjing Wang, Yuan Yi, Tingting Li, Miao He, Mingluo Zhang, Yiqing Liu, Mengxia Sun, Jie Gao, Yi Wang Italy: Anna Paparella, Bruno Villani, Riccardo Bonetto, Chiara Bordoni, Corrado De Meo Slovakia: Viktoria Münzker Germany: Arson Metal Denmark: Mette Olsen & Tinne Delfs United Kingdom: Anna Watson South Korea: Ji Young Kim Australia: Laila Marie Costa Portugal: Catarina Silva North Macedonia: Maja Stojkovska Switzerland: Philipp Spillmann

Chinese Mythology. Some shortlisted works
Although Chinese mythology is characterized by fragmented distribution, it does not affect its widespread and persistent circulation. The artists interpret the “Chinese Mythology” theme from different angles. In an exaggerated or elaborate way, imagination is boldly combined with interesting myths to, through the medium of jewelry, carry forward these ancient myths and legends, and draw the outline of contemporary mythology.

Ji Young Kim, Necklace: Pangu goes the age of loss, 2020, Sterling silver and mixed media, 50 - 90 x 1 cm, Photo by: Ji Young Kim

Ji Young Kim, Necklace: Pangu goes the age of loss, 2020, Sterling silver and mixed media, 50 - 90 x 1 cm, Photo by: Ji Young Kim

It is well-known that Chinese mythology has a long history, so, in the field of appreciation of art, literature, film & television, reference and borrow from others may exist, but this is not all of what the art is. Our contemporary jewelry artists or creators perhaps should think more about the present - that is, how to make China's mythology burst into the life of contemporary jewelry art.

Catarina Silva, Necklace: Dragon King’s relics, 2020, Glass beads and nylon thread, various sizes, Photo by: Catarina Silva

Jingwen Yuan, Object: oyster & sea, 2019, Fine silver, 2.2 x 1.6 x 0.67 cm, Photo by: Jingwen Yuan

Well, the “Chinese Mythology” contemporary jewelry exhibition is such an opportunity: when looking back at ancient Chinese mythology, we can stand at the front of contemporary jewelry art to take a peep about the era and ponder on the development of this art in a newer and more vigorous perspective, which is the meaning of the “Chinese Mythology” contemporary jewelry exhibition.

Philipp Spillmann, Necklace: Daily grains, 2020, Carved out of white plastic chopsticks, artificial silk cord., 40 x 0.7 x 1.5 cm, Photo by: Aliona Pazdniakova

Kay Guo, Object: God Style, 2017, 18k gold, 0.56 x 0.57 cm, Photo by: Kay Guo

Mengxia Sun, Brooch: Pangu separates heaven and earth 1, 2020, Brass, pearl, resin, glass., 7 x13 cm, Photo by: Mengxia Sun

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About Chinese Mythology
>>Find here all information about the Chinese Mythology exhibition, jury and artists. 

Themed by “Chinese Mythology”, this exhibition approaches China's national character via myths and, through their creation(s) of contemporary art jewelry, expresses each artist’s exploration of cosmology, philosophical speculation, religion, natural environment, folk customs, personal ideal, view of love, or concept of Chinese traditional view of family bond.

In terms of mythology, jewelry exists in the unique form of witchcraft-weapons: Tang Monk's Incantation of the Golden Hoop (Magic Headband), Nezha's Sky-earth loop and Red Strapping ribbon, Princess Iron-fan's palm leaf fan, etc. In terms of jewelry, from mythology, we can see traces of an individual, or an entire history of civilization. “The bewildering mythology system, the bizarre legends, and the true-to-life hero images” - they all intentionally or secretly give meaning to life and are linked to individuals' personal 'myths'. Jewels are worn next to skin to be nourished with our own lives, or embedded in our bodies by piercing, to express the expectation and identity of the self, or the joys and sorrows of life.

If we use contemporary jewelry language to show Chinese mythology, and our spirit and will to control the development of Chinese mythology, the new myths generated thereby will definitely affect the next civilization.

The “Chinese Mythology” exhibition is the first exhibition project of Vonmo studio. It is the "first five-year plan” of Vonmo, which involves a theme exhibition each year and lasts for five consecutive years. The theme of the second exhibition will be announced at the opening ceremony on Aug. 8, 2020, please stay tuned.

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Felicia Li is a contemporary art jewelry designer, She has been exploring the innovation direction in which contemporary art jewelry design and the traditional Chinese crafts are integrated. She formally established the Vonmo personal studio in 2016.