Sonia Pibernat: Hochschule Trier. Selected Graduate 2018

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Published: 26.09.2018
Sonia Pibernat. Pendant: Drawing Movement, 2018. Silver, steel.. 75 x 11 x 14 cm. Photo by: Nima Ashrafi. Sonia Pibernat
Pendant: Drawing Movement, 2018
Silver, steel.
75 x 11 x 14 cm
Photo by: Nima Ashrafi
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Her experience as a professional jeweller enables her to execute her work in a robust quality that provides a durability and at the same time supports the main feature of the work: lightness - both in weight and appearance. These qualities make the encounter with Sonia Pibernat's jewels an experience that invites, even seduces, each one to wearing. Adorned with these pieces the wearer will obtain special pleasure: One feels as light and immaterial as in a tender dance. And – for those who observe this joy of the wearer – a delightful sense of harmony is displayed; Not only within the jewel, but also between the wearer and the jewel: a graceful image of tender movement remains - long after the wearer has moved on...
Prof. Theo Smeets