Sophia de Groot: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Selected Graduate 2019

Published: 26.07.2019
Sophia De Groot. Bracelet: Interlinked, 2019. 3D printed stainless steel.. Photo by: Casper Fitzhue. From series: Interlinked. Sophia De Groot
Bracelet: Interlinked, 2019
3D printed stainless steel.
Photo by: Casper Fitzhue
From series: Interlinked
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In her research, Sophia is exploring movement within the limitation of one material and it’s possibilities within one autonomous piece. She is searching for a way to create fluidity in one continuous shape. One form of jewellery that embodies these properties is chain.
In her work she considers the links of a chain and the way they are connected as a thing-in-itself and not just as a support for other jewellery; the chain and it’s repetitive connection as the main subject in her jewellery pieces.
/ Nedda El-Asmar