Soundtrack: the beat of a city at Klimt02 Gallery

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Published: 29.04.2015
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Evening of April 15th we opened the exhibition Soundtrack at Klimt02 Gallery presenting a series of new necklaces by Swedish artist Karin Johansson.
Soundtrack is Karin Johansson’s second solo exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery and a continuation of the project Abstractions of a City which we showed in 2012. In the Soundtrack series Karin has been working to the beat of a city, transferring how she sees beauty in its fragments, traces, colours and movement.

Necklace "Klara", aluminium, gold, acrylic, silver by Karin Johansson

Karin Johansson wearing necklace "David" from the Soundtrack series

“In the city there are always fragments left behind on the ground – ribbons, candy wrapping and strings – as frozen moments, but there is still a movement to them, a kind of energy. These fragments inspire me. A treasure hunt, of sorts. That has been my starting point.”

Opening night at the Klimt02 Gallery

This exhibition is on show until May 15th. Welcome!