A Starter's Guide For (Soon To Be) Graduated Jewellery Designers. Part 1

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Published: 21.08.2018
Illustrations: Ester Vilaplana Miret.
Illustrations: Ester Vilaplana Miret

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With these series of questions and responses, I aim to make a crib sheet for (soon to be) graduated jewellery designers. It are practical questions asked from a students point of view to different profiles. The questions are focused on artistic work, education, retail and contacts and learned lessons. By asking different profiles, you’ll get more insights that could come in handy as a starter. And hopefully they can guide you in making the right decisions and encourage you to JUST DO IT.
The first questionnaire is the one for the artists. I combined the responses of 5 different artists in the field and although these artists have different backgrounds, different ages, and nationalities, there are a lot of similarities in their answers.