Suctus collection by Ruudt Peters reflected by Urmas Lüüs

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Published: 22.03.2019
Ruudt Peters. Brooch: Emme, 2018. Silver, polyester, amber.. 10.2 x 6 x 2.4 cm. Photo by: Conor Vella. From series: Suctus. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Emme, 2018
Silver, polyester, amber.
10.2 x 6 x 2.4 cm
Photo by: Conor Vella
From series: Suctus
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Zigong asked: What do you think of me?
Master replied: You are a vessel.
Zigong: What kind of vessel?
Master responded: A sacrificial vase of jade.
/ Confucius